Pope Francis to visit Estonia

Source: Paavst Eestis

Pope Francis to visit Estonia

25th of September marks the second time that The Bishop of Rome visits Estonia since the year 1993. The visit is arranged as part of pope Francis's visit to the Baltic states. Prior to Tallinn, the pope will be stopping in Lithuania and Latvia. Following the visit to Estonia, the pope will return to Vatican.

The pope's visit is perhaps not a regular formal visit by a head of state. During a trip to the Caucasus in 2016, the pope explained that he wished to encourage locals to find peace and unity. The same is expected from pope's visit to Estonia.

The official slogan of the visit is "My heart wake up". The day of the visit on 25th of September culminates with a public Holy Mass on Freedom Square in Tallinn, featuring a speech by pope Francis directed to all attendees, regardless of religious affiliation. A prior registration to the Mass is required. Register at www.paavsteestis.ee

Last updated : 24.08.2018