Regional tourist information centres

Source: Narva külastuskeskus

Regional tourist information centres

There are a total of 17 tourist information centres marked with a green “i” in Estonia. Four of them are bigger visitor centres, which are located in Tartu, Narva, Pärnu, and Valga. All centres provide detailed tourist information about the entire county to be visited, be it on the topic of nature, active vacation, cultural experiences, excellent eating places or travel options.

Haapsalu Tourist Information Centre

Lääne maakond, Haapsalu linn

Haapsalu's Tourist Information Centre is on the main road in the centre of the town, in a newly renovated building. It offers maps of the local area and brochures about the town, Lääne County and other parts of Estonia. There is also a wide range of souvenirs to choose from and you can buy tickets to local cultural events via Piletilevi. Haapsalu is primarily known as a resort town. It is famous for its mud therapy and for its unique lace scarves. Information about all of this and more is available from Haapsalu Tourist Information Centre.

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Hiiumaa Tourist Information Centre

Hiiu maakond, Kärdla linn

Hiiumaa Tourist Information Centre is located at the central square of Kärdla, in the historical Pritsumaja (Fire department) building. Hiiumaa Tourist Information Centre cooperates with the Hiiumaa Käsitööselts (handicraft association) and thanks to that, we sell products of the best craftsmen in Hiiumaa. Hiiumaa Tourist Information Centre offers free tourist information to locals, guests from the mainland, and foreign tourists as well. We have free Wi-Fi and when the Tourist Information Centre is closed, information can be accessed from an electronical information centre.

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Jõgevamaa Tourist Information Centre

Jõgeva maakond, Palamuse alevik

Jõgevamaa Tourist Information Centre is located in Palamuse small town. The Tourist Information Centre distributes free information to its clients about the sights, accommodation and catering, active holiday opportunities, cultural events, tour guide services and transport in Estonia and Jõgeva County. Jõgevamaa Tourist Information Centre has a large selection of souvenirs and memorabilia; you can pay in cash, by credit card or a bank transfer.

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Jõhvi Tourist Information Centre

Ida-Viru maakond, Jõhvi linn

The Jõhvi Tourist Information Centre, now located in the Jõhvi Parish Government House, provides tourism information about Ida-Virumaa and the whole of Estonia. We provide information about sights, museums, accommodation, and catering companies, active holiday providers, guide service providers, and cultural events for Estonian residents and foreign visitors. Jõhvi Tourist Information Centre is the best place for businesses in the tourism sector to advertise themselves and their products; they can also leave their informational materials to be handed out or offer their products for sale.

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Järvamaa Tourist Information Centre

Järva maakond, Imavere küla

Järvamaa Tourist Information Centre provides free information about tourist attractions, accommodation and catering providers, possibilities for an active vacation, cultural events, guide service providers, and transport options in Järvamaa and Estonia overall. Järvamaa Tourist Information Centre also provides paid services – booking accommodation in Estonia for the same or following day and mediating a tour guide for the same day. There is free Wi-Fi at the Järvamaa Tourist Information Centre. Järvamaa Tourist Information Centre sells souvenirs and postal means of payment. We accept cash, cards, and bank transfers.

Saaremaa Tourist Information Centre

Saare maakond, Kuressaare linn

Saaremaa Tourist Information Centre has been operating out of the ancient town hall since 1994. Its friendly staff will do everything they can to make sure you have all the information you need about the town and other sights that interest you on Saaremaa. The centre offers a wide range of travel guides and maps as well as information on accommodation, catering and tourist sights. You can also purchase a variety of souvenirs of the island.

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Narva Visitor Centre

Ida-Viru maakond, Narva

Narva Visitor Centre is a tourist information centre, which offers consultations to the tourists about the whole Estonia and also renders some other additional services to the visitors. Narva Visitor Centre info consultants will be delighted to help the visitors in accommodation, dining, leisure, transportation and other questions, concerning tourism. The visitors can get info materials, maps, events information in more than ten languages free of charge.

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Otepää Tourist Information Centre

Valga maakond, Otepää linn

Otepää Tourist Information Centre gives tourists free information about tourist sights, accommodation and catering, possibilites for active vacations, cultural events, guide services and transportation in Otepää tourism region, Valgamaa and all over Estonia.  Otepää Tourist Information Centre also provides paid services: booking accommodation, ordering taxis, photocopying, scanning, using the computer.  Otepää Tourist Information Centre sells souvenirs and stamps.  

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Pärnu Visitor Centre

Pärnu maakond, Pärnu

Pärnu Visitor Centre, on Uus Street in the heart of the city, can help you with all your tourist needs. We offer maps of the region for orienteering purposes, a wide range of publications, advice on accommodation and dining out and ideas in terms of recreation opportunities and optimum routes. We're always up to date on what's happening in Pärnu and the surrounding area. Working with other tourist information centres in Estonia we do our best to promote exciting and beautiful parts of the country. The Visitor Centre is the perfect place to start on your voyage of discovery around the region - our friendly staff are here to help!

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Põlvamaa Tourist Information Centre

Põlva maakond, Räpina linn

Põlvamaa Tourist Information Centre provides information to visitors about Põlvamaa and other places in Estonia free of charge – from accommodation and dining out to active recreation facilities, cultural events, tour guide services and transport options. Põlvamaa Tourist Information Centre sells souvenirs, which you can pay for by card or in cash. There is a computer you can use and free WiFi throughout the centre. It is also a PILETILEVI ticket office.

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Rakvere Tourist Information Centre

Lääne-Viru maakond, Rakvere

Rakvere Tourist Information Centre is located on the ground floor of the Smart House Competence Centre built as an expansion to the historical bank building next to the Central Square of Rakvere. Rakvere Tourist Information Centre provides tourist information to Estonians and foreign visitors alike about the attractions, accommodation possibilities and catering businesses, as well as about cultural events in Lääne-Viru County and Estonia. Souvenirs and gifts related to the county can be bought from the tourist information centre. Rakvere Tourist Information Centre is the best place for tourism undertakings to make themselves and their products known, distribute their publications, or sell products.

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Rapla Tourist Information Centre

Rapla maakond, Rapla linn

Rapla Tourist Information Centre is located in a decorously renovated limestone building, which has provided a number of services over the years – it has been the location for a militia department, a maternity ward, and a candy store. Now, it offers free information about tourist attractions, accommodation and catering providers, active vacations, cultural events, guide services, and transport in Rapla County and Estonia as a whole. Visitors can get tourist maps and guidebooks in Estonian and several other languages. Tourism service providers are welcome to share their information here. We sell a wide choice of souvenirs and gifts from the Rapla County and Estonia. Good to know: - Piletilevi offers their full service there - Free Wi-Fi

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Tallinn Tourist Information Centre

Harju maakond, Kesklinna linnaosa

The staff of the Tourist Information Centre helps you with your enquiries on the spot, as well as over the phone and e-mail. You can book an accredited tour guide for your friends or company guests to show you around Tallinn. The Tourist Information Centre also sells Tallinn Cards, as well as publications about and souvenirs from Tallinn and Estonia.

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Tartu Visitor Centre

Tartu maakond, Tartu linn

Tartu Visitor Centre provides free information about Estonian tourist sights, accommodation and catering establishments, possibilities for an active holiday, events, guided tour providers and possibilities of transportation. The fee-charging services include making reservations for accommodation on the same or the following day, booking tour guide services and brokering car hire. The centre sells souvenirs, tourism information materials and postage payment means. The visitor centre is the best place for tourism companies for advertising themselves or their products, as well as leaving their advertising publications for distribution. During public holidays, the centre is open according to demand.

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Valga Visitors' Centre

Valga maakond, Valga linn

Valga Visitors' Centre provides free information about the tourist attractions, accommodation and catering, active holiday ideas, cultural events, guide services and transport in Valgamaa and the whole Estonia. Chargeable services: booking accommodation, ordering a taxi, making copies, scanning. The Visitors' Centre also sells souvenirs, local crafts, tourist maps and postal payment means. The Valga Visitors' Centre has free Wi-Fi.

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Viljandi Tourist Information Centre

Viljandi maakond, Viljandi

The staff of the Viljandi Tourist Information Centre provide the visitors free information about the sights, accommodation and catering establishments, possibilities for active vacations, cultural events and guided tour services in Viljandi County and South Estonia. The Tourist Information Centre has free WiFi.

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Võrumaa Tourist Information Centre

Võru maakond, Võru

The staff at Võrumaa Tourist Information Centre offers free information to its visitors about the city of Võru, the sights of Võrumaa and South-Estonia, accommodation and catering providers, possibilities for an active vacation, cultural events, and tour guide services. We sell souvenirs, postcards, tourist maps, postal payment means. We accept cash and card. We also have free Wi-Fi. Good to know: There is a point of sale of Piletimaailm at the Võrumaa Tourist Information Centre.

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Last updated : 08.05.2018