Sail to these TOP events in Estonia

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Sail to these TOP events in Estonia

One of the best ways to organize your sailing in Estonia is by its events. This gives you the perfect mix of Estonia’s culture, people and nature. Estonia is famous for its beautiful coastline, comfortable marinas and variety of events. Now we are bringing you a pick of the culture events that you can practically sail into and access by your own boat. Start planning your navigation today.

RuhnuRahu (RuhnuPeace)

Saare maakond, Ruhnu küla

23.08.2019 - 25.08.2019

RuhnuRahu (RuhnuPeace) is the smallest culture festival in Estonia, which combines music, art, film, theatre, nature, and good company to say farewell to the summer. The festival programme includes movies, fine musicians and DJs, local food and coffee from far away, communal work for the island, trips on the old boat Runbjarn, excursions of nature and culture, children's workshops, discussions, and other inspirational elements that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Last updated : 11.01.2019

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