Sail to these TOP events in Estonia

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Sail to these TOP events in Estonia

One of the best ways to organize your sailing in Estonia is by its events. This gives you the perfect mix of Estonia’s culture, people and nature. Estonia is famous for its beautiful coastline, comfortable marinas and variety of events. Now we are bringing you a pick of the culture events that you can practically sail into and access by your own boat. Start planning your navigation today.

Tuulekala (Wind Fish) Festival

Hiiu maakond, Orjaku küla

25.05.2019 - 25.05.2019

Tuulekala Festival will bring together all those who are constantly facing the sea and those who appreciate good food, dancing, and the stories of fishermen. Guests of the festival can see trolley rigs set up for garfish, select the best dish made from fish, and see who was the most successul fisher. The evening will end with dancing as the band "Untsakad" will perform. The garfish, whom the people of Hiiumaa call the fish of wind, is an expected guest as each year, with the southwest winds of the spring, it comes here for a short month from the Atlantic to spawn. Its long jaws and green bones make it one of the most unique fish to catch from the Baltic Sea. The arrival of the garfish in Hiiumaa is an event on its own and locals start talking about it at the beginning of May, or earlier.  

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Sõru Jazz

Hiiu maakond, Pärna küla

13.06.2019 - 16.06.2019

Sõru Jazz is a summer jazz-music festival with a cosy atmosphere, and it brings a number of well-known and acknowledged Estonian musicians to Hiiumaa for three days. In addition to good music and company, Hiiumaa itself is an asset with its beautiful ports and lovely people, all of which has become the phenomenon of Sõru Jazz and given people a reason to come back here year after year. Hiiumaa has, without a doubt, the best wind, sea, and sun in Estonia – if the weather is nice, you can enjoy the concerts outside, on the grass.

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Juu Jääb Festival

Saare maakond, Hellamaa küla

20.06.2019 - 23.06.2019

The festival "Juu Jääb" is an international culture festival on the tiny island called Muhu (its neighbor is the Island of Saaremaa) in West Estonia that brings together jazz musicians from all over the world. Beautiful nature, friendly locals, great music and delicious Estonian food - thats what makes it so specail! This year’s Juu Jääb celebrates its 23rd birthday.

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Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival

Pärnu maakond, Pärnu

24.06.2019 - 30.06.2019

Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival is the oldest film celebration in the Baltic countries, taking place for the 31st time. One of the main themes of the festival has always been the survival of indigenous people and their culture. You are welcome to join the festival and hang out with friendly filmmakers from around the corner and abroad. In case you arrive a few days earlier, you can take part in the Pärnu Hanseatic Day that fill the whole town with festival spirit. Access by boat: Sail to Pärnu Yacht Club Marina:

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XXVII Song and XX Dance Celebration ‘Minu arm (My love)’

Harju maakond, Kesklinna linnaosa

04.07.2019 - 07.07.2019

The song and dance festival tradition has been included in the UNESCO intangible culture heritage list. Peeter Perens, Chief Conductor of the Song Festival: ‘The Estonian Song Festival is born from the love for our country and language. Through this festival, our people became Estonians and our land became Estonia. By celebrating the song festival, we celebrate our mother tongue and fatherland so we could inherit them to our children and last forever.’ Vaike Rajaste, Head Director of the Dance Festival: ‘The festival in 2019 will allow everyone to feel that living in a free county is a great honour and a responsibility before those who have lived here before us, but also before those who will live here in the future.’

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Kihnu Sea Party

Pärnu maakond, Lemsi küla

12.07.2019 - 14.07.2019

The Kihnu Sea Party is a festival dedicated to the fishermen's day and the culture of Kihnu and it has a diverse programme. There are concerts, workshops, the traditional Kihnu run, fair ground waiting for sellers and buyers and the museum welcomes everyone. Come and see the island and visit the festival! Access by boat: Sail to Kihnu Harbour

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Tallinn Maritime Days

Harju maakond, Põhja-Tallinna linnaosa

12.07.2019 - 14.07.2019

Tallinn Maritime Days is the largest free marine festival for families that combines events related to nautical life and the port, a conference for tourism and maritime professionals, opportunities to explore various large foreign vessels, concerts, sailing trips, Tallinn Race for yachts, water attractions, shows and other nautical entertainment for the inhabitants and guests of Tallinn. Access by boat: Sail to any of these marinas in Tallinn to explore the capital of Estonia:

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Bluesfest "Augustibluus"

Lääne maakond, Haapsalu

02.08.2019 - 04.08.2019

Augustibluus continues to attract with its absolutely positive atmosphere turning the small town of Haapsalu into a musical paradise. It is a must for everyone who loves good music. The main stage is nestled in the beautiful surroundings of the ancient Episcopal Castle. The daily program offers workshops, exhibitions and traditional acoustic concerts in the old railway station. Access by boat: Sail to one of these marinas in Haapsalu

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Kuressaare Maritime Festival

Saare maakond, Kuressaare linn

08.08.2019 - 10.08.2019

Estonians know that the heart of the Estonian sea beats in Saaremaa. The Maritime Festival is based on the small Baltic Sea and highlights the long voyages and explorations of Estonians and the trips across the ocean by the Saaremaa seamen.  You can watch the traditional marine festival regatta and demonstrations of different vessels in the yacht marina. Kids can have fun at the Kuressaare beach and park. The Marine Festival also includes the handicraft and haakrik fair at Tori inlet. Access by boat: Sail to Kuressaare City Harbour

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Birgitta Festival 2019

Harju maakond, Pirita linnaosa

09.08.2019 - 18.08.2019

Birgitta Festival 2019 Performances

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RuhnuRahu (RuhnuPeace)

Saare maakond, Ruhnu küla

23.08.2019 - 25.08.2019

RuhnuRahu (RuhnuPeace) is the smallest culture festival in Estonia, which combines music, art, film, theatre, nature, and good company to say farewell to the summer. The festival programme includes movies, fine musicians and DJs, local food and coffee from far away, communal work for the island, trips on the old boat Runbjarn, excursions of nature and culture, children's workshops, discussions, and other inspirational elements that cannot be found anywhere else. 

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