Must-see museum exhibits

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Must-see museum exhibits

There are over 250 museums in Estonia: large, small, open-air, indoor, educational and entertaining. Enhance your holiday by learning something about local history, nature, industry and innovations. Check out the best new exhibitions coming to Estonian museums this year!

Submarines and rescue helicopters 

The Seaplane Harbour Museum displays real, life-sized maritime equipment. 

Photo by: Kristi Hyrri

Seaplane Harbour Museum

From one of Europe's most celebrated maritime museums comes the "Underwater Archaeology Experience Room", an interactive exhibit about maritime archaeology. Explore how robots like Estonia U-cat are uncovering artefacts and sunken ships through large projector screens. Check out this special exhibit until September 2nd, 2018, in addition to mesmerising permanent displays.

Estonian National Museum

The Estonian National Museum debuted its new, award-winning building in Tartu in 2017. It is home to two permanent exhibitions Echo of the Urals about the culture of Finno-Ugric people, and Encounters and lives of Estonians throughout time. This year, visitors to the largest museum in Estonia can also learn about traditional folk costumes in the exhibits From the Village Road to the Red Carpet: A Hundred Years of National Fashion and Regarded as a norm, perennially worn, the largest ever collection of local folk costumes. 

Traditional fashions

The Estonian National Museum displays the country's largest folk costume collection.

Photo by: Aivar Pihelgas

Adamson-Eric Museum

In the Old Town of Tallinn at the permanent exhibition in the Adamson-Eric Museum, you can enjoy an art experience in a new and innovative way. Through the mediation of the NUMU Smart Museum app, Adamson-Eric's alter ego Hugo will introduce museum visitors to the artist's life via his paintings, which come to life on the smart device. Children can explore the display through the game Bring Back the Sun, in which they have to release the golden sun locked inside a mysterious night-stand. Adults and high school students can take the tour Joy Despite Politics, which tells the story of how the political situation in the first half of the 20th century influenced the life of the artist Adamson-Eric. The adventure offers the whole family a fun afternoon at the museum while they learn something new.

AHHAA Science Centre

Over 3 million guests have visited Tartu's AHHAA Science Centre to learn about science through the joy of discovery. Until April 15th you can learn about the science behind your favourite seasonal sports at "Aha, Winter Games!". Inside the exhibition try versions of dog sledging, hockey, ski jumping, biathlon and even have a snowball fight.

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