Must-see museum exhibits of 2017

Source: Aron Urb

Must-see museum exhibits of 2017

Source: Aron Urb

There are over 250 museums in Estonia: large, small, open-air, indoor, educational and entertaining. Enhance your holiday by learning something about local history, nature, industry and innovations. Check out the best new exhibitions coming to Estonian museums in 2017!

Submarines and rescue helicopters 

The Seaplane Harbour Museum displays real, life-sized maritime equipment. 

Photo by: Kristi Hyrri

Seaplane Harbour Museum

From one of Europe's most celebrated maritime museums comes "Mayday. Mayday. Mayday." a search-and-rescue exhibition all about sea rescue operations. The exhibits are full sized and hands-on including a real rescue helicopter which you can climb inside. Check out this special exhibit from March 24th, 2017, in addition to the mesmerising permanent displays.

Adamson-Eric Museum

In the Old Town of Tallinn at the permanent exhibition in the Adamson-Eric Museum, you can enjoy an art experience in a new and innovative way. Through the mediation of the NUMU Smart Museum app, Adamson-Eric's alter ego Hugo will introduce museum visitors to the artist's life via his paintings, which come to life on the smart device. Children can explore the display through the game Bring Back the Sun, in which they have to release the golden sun locked inside a mysterious night-stand. Adults and high school students can take the tour Joy Despite Politics, which tells the story of how the political situation in the first half of the 20th century influenced the life of the artist Adamson-Eric. The adventure offers the whole family a fun afternoon at the museum while they learn something new.

Estonian Museum of Natural History

One of the most innovative exhibitions in Estonia, "Secrets of ancient sea" invites you on a journey of the Estonian seabed spanning half a billion years. Viewers follow the evolution of the climate, plants and animals of the region. Under the same roof at the Estonian Museum of Natural History check out "Our Baltic Sea", which introduces the sea creature ecosystem and the role of humans in it. Both exhibits are open until March 2018. You don't have to be a botanist to appreciate the legendary mushroom showcase from September 15th to 24th, 2017 featuring over 100 fascinating types of fungi from the Estonian forests.

The story of Estonian architecture 

Watch the last 100 years of Estonian architecture unfold at the Museum of Estonian Architecture

Photo by: Reio Avaste

Museum of Estonian Architecture

This museum, housed in the historical Rotermann Salt Storage building, showcases 20th century and contemporary Estonian architecture, spanning the 1920's, Soviet period, and into the future. "SPACE IN MOTION: A Century of Estonian Architecture" is a permanent collection detailing how social and political processes shaped local spaces. In spring 2017, learn about the industrial history of Tallinn's Kopli peninsula, and in autumn catch the Tallinn Architecture Biennial centring around the theme "biology and the city". In the end of 2017, celebrate the architecture of Estonia's neighbour to the north - Finland - on their 100th anniversary of independence.

Museum of Occupations

The Museum of Occupations brings to life harrowing stories from not so distant history. From March 8th through the end of April, check out "#NaistEST" about women's rights in Estonia, France and the Nordic countries. In May, hear the tales of refugees who fled Estonia in 1944 via boat in the project, "In The Trails Of The Boat Refugees". Watch as twelve young people recreate the sea journey from the west coast of Latvia to the Gotland islands of Sweden. In the exhibition "Through Miranda's Eyes – the Roma Holocaust. Who's afraid of the White Man?" hear riveting tales from the European Roma holocaust. Note that from September 2017, the museum will temporarily close for renovations before reopening in 2018.

Spark your curiosity 

Learn through discovery about human bodies, special effects in movies and more at the AHHAA Science Centre in Tartu. 

Photo by: AHHAA Science Centre

AHHAA Science Centre

Over 3 million guests have visited Tartu's AHHAA Science Centre to learn about science through the joy of discovery. Until April 23rd you can find out the secrets of film special effects at "Ahhaa, Behind the Scenes!". From May 7th through October, 2017 "(Human)bodies: what's inside a (human)body?" shows the intricacies that make bodies tick, like organs and nervous systems, even comparing those of a human to animals like a brown bear! Other special events at AHHAA include Inventor's Night on May 20th and the Researchers' Night Festival from September 25th to 29th, the largest of it's kind in the Baltics.

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