The Estonian National Museum - a modern landmark

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The Estonian National Museum - a modern landmark

The acclaimed structure telling Estonia's story is a must-see in South Estonia.  

The new Estonian National Museum proves that a landmark doesn't have to be centuries old to make a big impression. The museum is located in Tartu, 2.5 hours southeast of Tallinn. The vibrant university city, Estonia's "culture capital", is well worth the journey.

Repurposed runway 

Aerial view of the 355 metre long structure. 

Photo by: Tarmo Haud

New life for Soviet air base

Last autumn The Estonian National Museum premiered its new location. The museum grounds were home to the Raadi manor, and later the largest Soviet military air base in the Baltics. The elongated, upward sloping structure rises from a former runway, reminiscent of a plane taking flight. Among much local and international praise, the design was awarded the highest prize of French Architects Abroad and Estonian Concrete Building of the Year 2016.

Grand impression

The 15 metre tall steel and glass entrance greets visitors. 

Photo by: Tarmo Haud

What's inside - exhibitions 

With 6000 m2 of exhibition space, the ENM is the largest museum in Estonia. Echo of the Urals, named Best Permanent Exhibition in Estonia 2016, introduces the culture of Estonians and the other Finno-Ugric peoples of Northern Eurasia. Encounters details the daily lives of Estonians, from the Ice Age to today. The museum is also home to a collection of 150 Estonian folk costumes and hosts rotating art shows. Audiovisual elements bring the exhibits to life with song and movement, while electronic information placards change languages with the touch of a keycard. This medley of history, design, art, technology and entertainment creates an engaging place for children and adults alike.

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