Uniquely Estonian spa treatments

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Uniquely Estonian spa treatments

Estonians’ love for everything local and ecologically clean does not end with food. Local herbs, seaweed, sand and clay, which can be gathered from local meadows, forests and beaches, have found their way to spa treatments as well. Popular treatments include those with curative mud, which has been used for over 200 years and which continues to be a beloved favourite of many spa-goers, be it in the form of mud wraps, massage lotions, body scrubs or sauna rituals.

It is not only the world’s most luxurious cosmetics lines that deserve attention; if you seek real health benefits, it is also worth to try out the wonders of Estonian nature, which have been in high regard for quite some time now as luxury from clean nature. The following is a brief guide to those who wish to, in addition to getting pampered, also contribute to their own well-being and that of Estonian economy.

GOSPA in Saaremaa offers various treatments in their own KENA range (“kena” is the Estonian word for everything beautiful). The range makes the most of the nature of Saaremaa.

  • Red algae from the beaches of Saaremaa is used in the French cosmetics industry. Why not get the benefits of red algae treatments right here in Estonia, before it is processed and shipped back from France in a tube? Let firming red algae wraps enhance your beauty!
  • The powerful juniper, used during massage to cleanse the body, is a real favourite among our clients
  • Body scrubs incorporate beneficial sand from the Sõrve beach
  • Curative mud from Saaremaa combined with peat helps alleviate muscle tension, joint aches and has a trimming effect on the body as a whole.

Nature in the spa

KENA treatment with natural resources from the wilderness of Saaremaa

Photo: GOSPA

ESTONIA Resort Hotel & Spa in Pärnu surprises with treatments under the Estonian Way of Wellness concept

  • The empowering herbal treatment starts with dry whisking, followed by a massage through a linen cloth, after which nourishing hemp and carrot oil is massaged into the skin.
  • The massage uses ancient Estonian massage methods, which include shaking and stretching the body. Massage is also carried out with heated herbal body stamps, while warm oat bags have a significant role at the beginning of a session.
  • Estonian peat and honey are used during peat and honey body treatments. Why use honey? Honey helps the curative peat reach deeper into the skin and can also reduce cellulite. The medicinal properties of peat are also implemented during peat and meadowsweet facial treatments.
  • Enthusiasts of curative mud can get mud massages that are supplemented with mud wraps
  • Hops body treatment involves scrubbing the skin with a hops body scrub for a deep cleanse. Hops contain a lot of vitamin B6 and have a calming effect. The beneficial effects of hops are also utilised in the magnesium and home brew bath treatment.
  • Hemp and spruce bud scrubs are used to invigorate the body, milk and linden blossom baths are refreshing as well.
  • Hemp oil massage is a great way to moisturize the skin and thanks to its high content of omega-3 fatty acids, hemp oil is also a superb natural fat burner.
  • Hand treatment starts with a calendula bath and calendula soap wash, nails are treated with a beeswax and linseed oil ointment and the treatment ends with a beeswax and paraffin hand wrap
  • Foot treatment starts with a cornflower bath, which includes a wash with tar and nettle soap and a scrub with a soda and nettle herb mix. The wash and scrub are followed by a honey and linseed oil foot massage and a wrap in woollen socks; the treatment ends with refreshing cornflower water.
  • The treatments for kids include a strawberry mask, a honey mask for feet and a bubble bath with cranberries.

Saunas of the Kubija Spa Hotel

Kubija Spa in the beautiful pine forest of Võru County has been focused on providing treatments with products from Estonian nature since its establishment.

  • Facial treatment with Estonian peat mask helps boost skin metabolism, reduce acne and inflammation, it also provides a toning effect. Curative peat is also known for its anti-wrinkle and smoothing benefits. Bioactive ingredients in peat penetrate deep into the skin, restoring its elasticity and relieving acne and psoriasis. The treatment concludes with a relaxing facial massage with Estonian hemp oil, renowned for its hydrating and anti-aging properties.
  • Tension-relieving massage for the upper back, shoulder and neck area with Estonian bear fat salve soothes headaches, muscle and joint problems. The slightly warming massage is good for boosting health and preventing diseases.
  • Intense highly potent total body massage with Estonian hemp seed oil to stimulate blood circulation. The vitamins in hemp seeds give hemp oil its moisturising and anti-inflammatory effect and prevent aging of the skin. The massage also uses stones wrapped in cloth that warm up the muscles before the massage.
  • Ancient Estonian massage is also in high regard.

Saunas of the Kubija Spa Hotel

Saunas are the oldest spas in Estonia

Photo: Oliver Pütsep

Natural treatments at the Fra Mare Thalasso Spa in Haapsalu

  • In terms of mud treatments, Fra Mare offers mud wraps, which help alleviate inflammation and pain, have biostimulating effects (speed up metabolism and cell regeneration) and help remove excessive fluids and toxins from the body. Mud wraps provide a lovely feeling of relaxation, no doubt partially due to the fact that Fra Mare uses local unique mud From Tagalahe in Haapsalu.
  • Fra Mare Spa also offers treatments with aromatic mud, which has a peeling effect, helps remove excessive fluids and toxins from the body and speeds up metabolism. Those curative treatments combine aromatic mud and massage, have a slimming effect, help alleviate muscle tension and chronic inflammation. The massage with aromatic mud uses special enriched sea mud (natural active ingredients that enhance the properties of mud are added) on the whole body, wrapping the entire body in active mud. The treatment ends with a light back massage with nourishing oil.

Toila Spa uses the Leiger curative mud, which is collected from Hiiumaa, for its mud treatments.

  • A massage with curative mud cream, which includes biohormones and is rich in minerals, helps prevent illnesses and alleviates pre-existing conditions. The Estonian curative mud used for the treatment helps rejuvenate the skin, speeds up its biological processes and increases the oxygen content of skin. As a result of the massage, you’ll have a more relaxed, rested and stress-free body, as well as silky soft skin.
  • Toila Spa also offers mud wraps with curative mud.

Curative mud is a popular part of treatments at Estonian Spas

Photo: Aron Urb, Visit Estonia

The wellness world V Spa offers a selection of treatments with local brands.

  • V elegant facial treatment is carried out with products of the world-famous Estonian brand Vestige Verdant.
  • In terms of problematic skin, V Spa offers treatments with hemp oil based products of the Estonian company LUMI. These treatments include invigorating facial treatment, clarifying AHA-BHA facial treatment and toning peat treatment along with a total body massage. You can also get a massage with hemp oil.

Värska Resort Centreis specialised on treatments with natural resources. The centre is unique for the natural mineral water from Värska, which is used in the jacuzzis and the lounge bath.

  • General bath with curative mud. Curative mud from Värska is considered to be a unique medicinal freshwater mud, which cannot be matched by mud found anywhere else in the world. Freshwater curative mud is ten times richer in organic matter than sea mud, and it also contains hydrogen sulphide. The curative mud is diluted with Värska mineral water, which has a high salt content, at a temperature of 41–43 degrees. The freshwater curative mud procedure helps alleviate chronic inflammation and pain, has biostimulating effects (speeds up metabolism and cell regeneration) and helps remove excessive fluids and toxins from the body. Värska freshwater curative mud is collected from the curative mud mineral deposit of Värska Bay.
  • Natural mineral water bath. The natural Värska mineral water bath is the most valuable procedure of the Värska Resort Centre and it cannot be experienced anywhere else. Mineral water baths are kept at a temperature of 37–39 degrees. Mineral water baths are invigorating and have a calming effect on the nervous system. Bath water Värska-6, which is high in salt content (21 g/l), is a mineral water that runs at the depth of 572–600 metres between layers that are about 600 million years old. Värska-6 contains a multitude of trace elements: copper, zinc, strontium, manganese, bromine, lithium and selenium, the latter of which helps prevent cancer.
  • Pearl bath with natural mineral water. The pearl bath with natural mineral water is one of the most popular treatments at the Värska Resort Centre. Värska-6 mineral water, which is rich in bromine and salt, has a calming and therapeutic effect on the skin. The mineral water bath is kept at a temperature of 37–39 degrees, the experience includes micro massage with tiny air bubbles. This has a toning effect, it improves circulation and is beneficial for the nervous system as well.
  • Pearl bath with natural almond oil. The bath is kept at a temperature of 37–39 degrees, the experience includes micro massage with tiny air bubbles and oil is added to the bath. The nourishing bath oil contains rich natural almond oil and makes the skin silky soft.
  • Pearl bath with natural pine needle oil. The bath is kept at a temperature of 37–39 degrees, the experience includes micro massage with tiny air bubbles and oil is added to the bath. Pine needle oil invigorates and refreshes the skin, activates the skin’s metabolism, stimulates circulation and reduces muscle tension. Strengthens functions of the skin and brings on general feelings of well-being.

The sauna and whisking traditions of Estonians date back hundreds of years

Photo: Mart Vares, Visit Estonia

Pick out treatments that you like the most and head to spas that offer various Estonian treatments!

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