Viljandi Folk Music Festival tells fascinating stories

Source: Viljandi Pärimusmuusika Festival

Viljandi Folk Music Festival tells fascinating stories

The folk music festival that will take place in the town of Viljandi and its castle hills between 25 and 28 July has a certain place in the summer calendar of music lovers. (And this does not only apply to fans of folk music!) As they say: “Viljandi folk will take place on the last weekend of July, so – see you there!”

Why is it like that? Because for the 27th year in a row, Viljandi Folk Music Festival attracts thousands of young and old people who want to enjoy genuine live music and summer festival vibe in this small town of South Estonia. Viljandi Folk Music Festival – it has nearly 100 concerts and 800 performers and 25,000 visitors in four days. It is an opportunity to hear internationally renowned performers, musicians from truly exotic places, as well as legends of the rich Estonian traditional music scene and newcomers.

Sounds good!

The theme of the 2019 festival is “Sounds good!”. What are the exciting stories behind folk music tunes and stories? How has the musician found a song? What makes the performance of a song particularly exciting? Exciting stories feed us and this is why you will see powerful and musical storytellers in Viljandi this year.

Enjoying the concert

So, Viljandi will be attended by one of the most famous and innovative folk singers in the United Kingdom, Sam Lee, whose voice is known by the wider audience from the theme song of the movie “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”. Berec András, a legend of Hungarian dance houses, brings joy with his powerful, archaic and masterful storytelling skills. One of the farthest guests of the festival is King Ayisoba from Ghana, who does not wear the king’s title in vain – in his own country he is a real superstar! These are just a few names along with a great selection of Estonian traditional musicians.

In addition, the festival also offers an abundant programme for both adults and children. Viljandi Folk Music Festival has committed to be a sustainable festival in terms of environmental protection, recycling, and consumption, as well as social sustainability.

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