Visit Estonia Snapchat Takeover: Music & Nightlife

Source: Diana Pashkovich

Visit Estonia Snapchat Takeover: Music & Nightlife

 Let's show the world that Estonia is fun! It may be dark and cold outside, but there is always something to do.
If you have foreign friends coming over, where would you take them for a night out? Live jazz band, hard rock concert, opera, theatre, alternative club event? 

Show us where you like to hang out - cool venues, inspiring events, places with attitude.

Sign up to take over Visit Estonia's Snapchat for one day!

  • please keep in mind that all takeovers have to be in English 
  • make sure you have good camera and enough battery life and data 
  • it's your day, so we would love to see a face and a voice behind every story - tell us who you are and where you will take us, introduce places and stories behind them

We will send the people behind our favourite takeover to cover Tallinn Music Week!

Last updated : 17.01.2017