What’s new / exciting at the Simple Session 2017?

Photo: Erlend Štaub. Simple Session

What’s new / exciting at the Simple Session 2017?

  • Simple Session 17 TEASER TRAILER!   Photo: Simple Session

The 17th edition of the annual Simple Session contest series, one of the worlds' most prestigious action sports events will take on the heart of the notorious Nordic winter in 2017, taking place on February 4 –5, in Tallinn Estonia.

The contest course is brand new and unique. The all new skatepark will make a unique riding experience for the street and ramp skaters and bike riders alike. This will bring out many "world's first" tricks that go down in the history books of BMX riding and skateboarding.

Many riders from the 150 athletes participating are new to Simple Session and Estonia. Athletes from 30+ countries are taking part of Simple Session making it one of the most international action sport events out there. This combined will create a show with never-before-seen tricks and surprise performances firing up one for the biggest shows in action spots. At Simple Session you'll never know what will happen next!

"I came to Estonia with my dad to run the Tallinn Marathon. It was awesome showing him Estonia, a place I had been many times. He loved it and is a huge fan of the history. We wandered around old town, went to many museums and visited Naissaar Island. We had a great week in Estonia and he still talks about it often." Brian Kachinsky, 33, from USA, has been to Simple Session 7 years.

For the first time in the history of Simple Session, we're also having BMX street and park riding as separate judging categories and this will definitely make the competition element more up-to date. Also the BMX contest format in the Finals has changed creating a lot more competition element and is more exciting to follow for the audience in the same time still keeping it relaxed enough for the riders, so they can throw down tricks no one has ever seen before in competition.

"The coolest thing about Simple Session is the people, everyone gets so hyped and makes the level rise every year!" Mack McKelton, 29, from Germany, has been to Simple Session 6 times.

Have a look what will Simple Session party week(end) bring: 

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Simple Session 17 TEASER TRAILER!
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