Why are people stressed?

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Why are people stressed?

Recently we put our finger on one of the biggest everyday problems in many countries and for lots of people. Nowadays we've come to accept stress as a normal part of our lives. But it doesn't have to be that way. Estonia created the Stress Buster who promises that Estonia's pure nature will heal stress, and invites everyone to Estonia.

On social media, the message "Tag a friend and win a trip to Estonia!" got more than 1000 comments and we would like to introduce you some of the reasons why people want to visit Estonia.

The Estonian Stress Buster in the nature

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1) Stressing job

  • Antonio: My wife Felisa retired last year as university professor very much willing to tour anywhere around the globe as a special gift of life for 40 years of continuous teaching in the university.
  • Sandra from Ireland: I think we need a trip away from work to destress. I have a big class of 31 kids, this would be the perfect way to relax.
  • Helene and her friend Hanna from Sweden: We are in desperate need of a relaxing holiday! Working as nurses is very demanding both mentally and physically. And as nurses are underpaid we can't afford a relaxing get away, so I hope we win!
  • Heili from the states: I am worried about my friend Jennifer, from Florida. As the CEO of a social media scheduling software she never gets any time off because hey, the internet never sleeps!

Laughing in Estonian forest

Photo by: Visit Estonia

2) Estonian heritage

  • Sarah from Australia: My mother was born in a German refugee camp in WWII after my grandparents fled Estonia (and left family) to try and survive during the Natzi invasion. Like a lot of Estonians they came by boat and settled in Australia, in New South Wales mostly, in a little Estonian village named Thirlmere.
  • Karin: My mother was born in Estonia but was separated from me by World War II never to be united. It would be wonderful to meet my mother's family. It has been a stressful time and it would be so relaxing to have a family break in Estonia.
  • Aili: My father was born in Tallinn. He came to the US during the war when he was 9 years old. He couldn't speak any English. He went on to become a US citizen and served in the Navy. What an amazing gift to be able to win this trip for him to go back home!

Tallinn old town

Photo by: Mart Vares / Visit Estonia

3) Inspiration

  • Kristina: I believe that my husband, who is an artist, deserves a rest to be in a place where he hadn't been. I hope the inspiration will visit him to create new wonderful paintings.
  • Margit: I think my friend Hanna from UK just needs to see a new possible place to shoot at and well she needs some days off! Estonia would fit that purpose, as she already likes the candy they make there!
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