Your virtual guided bog tour

Source: Visit Estonia

Your virtual guided bog tour

Take a short break to explore a mysterious, almost extraterrestrial landscape: an Estonian bog. 

Your personal nature guide for today's bog tour is Signe. She will lead you through one of Estonia's protected bogs where many species of rare plants and animals live. You'll put on your bogshoes together, then move slowly and mindfully through the landscape. Along the way, you'll stop to taste wild cranberries, look at Scots pines up close, listen to the birds, smell wild rosemary, and feel the wobbling of the peat beneath your feet.

Sit back, put on your headphones, and clear your mind of any nagging thoughts. Take these 30 minutes for yourself to be transported to a wild and pristine world. Signe will tell you local tales that bring a smile to your face and interesting facts that are sure to leave you wanting to visit an Estonian bog in person soon. Until then, the wilderness awaits.

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Last updated : 08.01.2021