15 - Viljandi - Elva bicycle route

Viljandi (0 km) – Uusna (9 km) – Tänassilma (14 km) – Leie (29 km) – Sangla (43 km) – Rannu (54 km) – Konguta (61 km) – Elva (68 km)

This route connects Viljandi and Elva, two beautiful lakeside cultural resort towns. In Viljandi, the cycling route connects with routes 5 and 6, in Elva with routes 3 and 6. This route passes a number of picturesque villages and settlements, but even more impressive is the proximity of Lake Võrtsjärv, which is the largest lake located entirely within Estonia. If you'd like to explore more of Lake Võrtsjärv, you can make additional detours using routes 18 and 230.

While the road between Viljandi and Sangla (43 km) is quite big, there are about 12 km of cycling paths along it. The cycling route runs on smaller and quieter roads between Sangla and Elva (25 km).

It is best to begin the trip from either Viljandi or Elva since both are easily accessible by train.


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