West Estonia

Allikasoo Study Trail

You have reached the highest area of Saaremaa. The Allikasoo study trail starts from the Viidumäe Nature Reserve Centre and goes down an 18-metre escarpment. While hiking in the Allikasoo fen, you can find out about its ecosystem and how it differs from ordinary swamps. Additionally, you can learn how the Lake Antsülusjärve's beach escarpment and the former seabed look like. Many protected vascular plants grow along the trail and in the forest, including the Saaremaa yellow rattle (Rhinanthus osiliensis), which grows exclusively in Saaremaa.

Before the hike, check out the permanent exhibition in the Viidumäe Nature Reserve Centre.

Good to know: the trail is marked with signs and blue paint marks on trees.


West Estonia

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Kihelkonna metskond 68, Viidu küla, Saaremaa vald, Saare maakond