An opera "The Misadventures of the New Satan (Põrgupõhja uus Vanapagan)"

Vanemuise tänav 45a, Tartu linn, Tartu

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What a strange world – one person stubbornly believes he is the devil but lives like a man; another believes he is a man but lives like the devil. That is the way it is with people on Earth: they either believe wrong or live wrong. How to get people to believe right and live right? Would that be possible, even in God’s own hands?

A. H. Tammsaare, The Misadventures of the New Satan

Tammsaare himself commented on his novel thus: “Yes, maybe it will seem at first that the author of this book is insane but keep on reading and you’ll become convinced that the reader is crazy. And if you keep on reading even further, it should dawn on you that the whole world is crazy.”

Tammsaare tells his story and observes his characters with humor. It seems like the author is sarcastic toward all human traits except for one – love.
The novel seems timelier with each passing day, showing how processes in society are of a recurring nature. Today many of us really have the urge to exclaim: “The world has gone mad!”

What endures forever?
Love, for sure. And humor.

Ardo Ran Varres, composer

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Tartu linn, Teater Vanemuine, väike maja

    An opera "The Misadventures of the New Satan (Põrgupõhja uus Vanapagan)"

  • 07.05.2022, 19:00

  • 08.05.2022, 16:00

  • 11.05.2022, 19:00

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