Canoeing on the upper reaches of the Võhandu River

Canoeing on the upper reaches of the Võhandu River

Jõgehara küla, Kanepi vald, Põlva maakond


The upper reaches of the Võhandu River, otherwise known as the Pühajõgi River, are ideal for canoeing if the water is a little higher than the summer average. The natural environment in the area is diverse and interesting, sometimes offering expansive views, other times hemmed in on both sides by trees and forests. There are parts of the river that are rockier and more like rapids, reminiscent of the Ahja River. Here and there you might come across beavers and kingfishers.

The trip can be extended by starting from the village of Vidrike and crossing the 11 lakes that make up the Kooraste chain. If you choose this option you can make your hike a two-day one, camping overnight on the shore of Lake Suurjärv.

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