Kännu Cafe

Kännu Cafe is an affordable eatery on the Pärnu-Riga Highway - making it perfect for passing travellers. It boasts a cosy interior and fast service. There are daily specials from Monday to Friday, including an extensive salad bar.

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  • Good diner

    Hasn't been hear more than 7years but this place still be the one off the best since that time! Price is VERY friendly and dishes is great! I remember how I like a children liked this place then now...

  • The place for a quick lunch

    A simple lunch room near the main street of Pärnu. Actually it is the place next to the road Tallinn -Pärnu-Riga, situated in Pärnu. You can have a simple lunch. The prices are quite low, for 5 euros...

  • Half way stop

    Pärnu is almost half way from Tallinn to Riga. Frequently going by car, this is the place where we stop for a coffee and sandwich or a meal. A perfect place for lunch. The sandwiches are very good...

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