Kanuu.ee 1-day canoe trip on River Sauga

Kanuu.ee 1-day canoe trip on River Sauga

Niida tee-7, Eametsa küla, Tori vald, Pärnu maakond


River Sauga is long enough to have a long hike, as we will pass the Nurme mill and reach Pärnu Yacht Club at the end.
We use 3-person canoes which can easily be manoeuvred by two people as well. It is possible to combine rafts and canoes for one trip, but this needs to be agreed upon beforehand.

The programme:
- a canoe trip on River Sauga (10 km from Pärnu);
- a light meal during the hike;
- drivers will be transported back to the starting point of the hike at the end.

The length of the trip depends on your wishes: it can be from 7 to 20 km and last from 2 to 6 hours.

Times and prices

Is open advance bookings only

Features and amenities
Getting there
  • Sealed access road
  • By excursion bus
  • By public transport
  • By car
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Bus: Nurme
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