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Keila waterfall

Keila waterfall is located on Keila River in Harju County, Keila rural municipality, Keila-Joa small town.
A full 6 metres high, and tens of metres wide, Keila waterfall is the third largest waterfall in Estonia; after the Narva and Jägala waterfalls. There is a road from the park along the riverbed, crossing two suspension bridges, to the waterfall.
Interesting fact:
There is a renovated hydroelectric power plant at the Keila waterfall and one of the grandest renovated manor houses in Estonia, inspired by the Neo-Gothic style, is located in the vicinity. You can also explore the exciting landscape over a 3 km Keila-Joa Park nature trail.
Come and discover one of the treasures of Northern Estonia!
See also a 360° aerial photo (by Joel Tammet).


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Vesiveski tee 4, Keila-Joa alevik, Lääne-Harju vald, Harju maakond