Küti Mäeveski (The Hunters Hill Mill)

Küti Mäeveski (The Hunters Hill Mill)

MÄEVESKI, Noodasküla, Võru vald, Võru maakond

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Kütiorg, located in the northern part of Haanja Nature Park, is the largest and most powerful valley in Estonia. The historical Hunters Hill Mill is located here.

The mill was built in 1868 and it was last used in the autumn of 2016. It is planned to preserve the mill as industrial heritage of Estonia. The mill is near Noodasküla in Haanja Nature Park. You can walk to the mill if you take the longer trail on the RMK Kütiorg hiking trail. If you are coming by car, you can drive to Noodasküla.

If you want to explore the historic mill, please book a time in advance.


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Take the Võru–Vastseliina road until you see the signpost ‘Lasva10’, indicating to the left. Drive on that road for 7 km until you see a signpost to the right ‘Loosi 7’. Drive on that gravel road for 3 km until you arrive in a deep valley. A narrow gravel road will turn to the right. As soon as you turn right, you will see the map for the RMK Kütiorg hiking trail. Drive for another 600 meters and you will see the old mill complex!

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