North Estonia

Murumoor`s playground in Türi

In the heart of Türi town, right next to the Wiedemann Street parking lot, you'll find Murumoor's playground. Murumoor is the mascot of Türi, known as the Spring Capital, and a great friend of children. Murumoor always wakes up with spring, but the playground named after him is open year-round. Murumoor's playground features several attractions for both big and small visitors. There's something for everyone - babies have their swings, bigger kids have a climbing frame, and there's a small carousel too.

Murumoor's playground is bordered by a low mesh fence.

The birthday of Murumoori`s playground, on June 16th, is celebrated every year with a grand birthday party


North Estonia

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Open all year round

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F. J. Wiedemanni tn 4a, Türi linn, Türi vald, Järva maakond