North Estonia

Northern yard of Narva Castle

The Northern yard is our attempt of recreating the 17th century. Here, we imagine genuine and vibrant early modern urban quarters with houses, people, and their everyday lives. This way, a guest of the Northern yard is instantly taken 300–400 years back in time.

Currently, there are four historical craft workshops, in addition to the services of a moneychanger. Additionally, our yard is visited by travelling artisans in the summer, who show and teach their skills to anyone who is interested.

Just as at that time, the life of the people living in the Northern yard is determined by the folk and church calendar, its holidays, the related beliefs, and customs.



North Estonia

Opening times

20. may - 31. aug

Mon-Sun 10:00 - 18:00


Peetri plats, Narva linn, Ida-Viru maakond