North Estonia

‘Peaks and mountains around Everest’ Adventure

Five different mountains. Five different stories. Five adventures around Everest.

Discover Aidu Ant Hill, Kohtla-Nõmme and the forest growing on its slope, Püssi ash hill, which is the only ash hill in Estonia with a blue-black-white flag, Kiviõli Adventure Centre hill and hiking trail, and Uljaste Hill.

The adventure is suitable for both younger and older guests. Wear weatherproof clothing and comfortable hiking boots, come to Everest Hostel for directions, and start discovering the mountains. Finally, enjoy the sauna at Everest Hostel!

Price: 30 euros per person (accommodation and sauna).


North Estonia

Opening times

An advanced bookings only


Vabaduse pst 21a, Kiviõli linn, Lüganuse vald, Ida-Viru maakond