South Estonia

Peipsimaa County Heritage Center

Peipsimaa County Heritage Center, located at the heart of the Lake Peipus Area, is a museum, which offers an overview of the whole Russian Old Believers area through handicrafts and various activities.

At the visitor centre the Sinilnik workshop awaits you, where the fabric printing traditions of the Old Believers are introduced. You can participate in various workshops. In the Lubok yard, lubok, the popular print of the Old Believers is introduced. You can participate in lubok themed workshops as well. You can also visit: Ridaküla smithy, Chicory MuseumPeipsimaa handicraft and art shopPeipsimaa Gallery and Aunt Šura Cafe.

We rent bikes, scooters, and kicksleds. There are a playhouse and a sandbox for children.


South Estonia

Opening times

3. june - 1. sept

Wed-Sun 11:00 - 18:00


Suur tee 25, Kolkja alevik, Peipsiääre vald, Tartu maakond