Sänna Sky Trail

Sänna Sky Trail

SÄNNA MÕIS, Sänna küla / Sännä, Rõuge vald, Võru maakond

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The Sänna Sky Trail is a hiking trail long a path that represents a model of the Solar System on the scale of 1:1 billion. The Sun and the four first planets are located near the Sänna Manor, while the next planets are found in the Pärlijõe river valley between the villages of Sänna and Hurda. 

As you travel along the hiking trail you will gain an appreciation of the small/large size of our planet and of the low/high speed of light, and you can read scientific information on the planets and the Sun and on the cultural heritage of the Sänna area. 

Good to know: The trail is open for independent hikers or a guide can be hired from the Sänna Culture Factory. 

NB! An idea for an excursion - a hike along the Sänna Sky Trail and pizza making in a stone oven. 

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Open all year round

24 hours

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