Snowshoe hike in Männiku bog

Põllu tänav 29, Luige alevik, Kiili vald, Harju maakond


A snowshoe hike in a bog on the border of Tallinn, where we will:
- hike with a guide on an arctic tundra landscape
- move from a forest bog with wide pines to a treeless bog
- look at bog pools, cross streams, and rest on the bog islands
- discover where goats sleep and look into the underground city of foxes
- admire the bog lake and find the nests of birds living inside trees
- discuss nature as well as our lives.

If we are lucky, we might encounter a black grouse, a woodpecker, a grey heron, birds of prey or waterfowl, or even a fox. In the wintertime, we might also discover lynx trails.

The price includes the hike, snowshoes, poles, leggings if necessary, and a guide. The price for a group of up to 10 people is 300 euros. The fee for each additional person is 26 euros.

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