Tori Hell cave

Tori Hell cave

Pärnu maantee-2, Tori alevik, Tori vald, Pärnu maakond

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You will find a mysterious cave in the steep riverbank in Tori. The place has been known as Tori Hell as you can go deep into the ground from the cave. This is the reason why there are so many folk stories and legends about the place.
The cave was created by the water in the springs eroding the Devon sandstone bank of the Pärnu River. The opening of Tori Hell was 6 metres in diameter and some sources say that the ‘passage to hell’ was 32 metres long. The ceiling of the cave collapsed in 1908 and its mouth in 1974. You can no longer go into the cave, but the steps by the cemetery gates will take you to this beautiful and mysterious place.

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Tori Hell is located in the centre of Tori and you can get to it along the riverbank when going from the direction of the bridge or from the cemetery gates, where you will find the steps that lead to the cave. The mouth of the gave is a bit upstream from the road bridge.

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Bus: Tori bussijaam
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Nice for a quick visit if you don't have to get out of your way

There are some cliffs and a small cave to explore. Nice for a stop along the journey to grab ice cream in local shop and walk around



Beautiful views

First thing to be mentioned – there are no true caves there. They were blocked many years ago, so now there is only name and entrances of some two meters deep. However, if you pass by Tori...



Spectacular place

This place is absolutely worth visiting. It's the longest stone wall in the Baltics. If you like caves and crags, this is for you. It looks much better in reality than in pictures. I mean the...

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