West Estonia

Tour of Kihnu with the tour guide Mare Mätas

We invite you to a tour of Kihnu with a local guide, Mare Mätas. We will tour the island by car or by bike and have a look at all the main attractions.

During the tour, you will see and hear a lot of interesting facts about what is important for the culture of Kihnu: the language, traditional clothes, craft skills, preparing traditional dishes, animal husbandry and agricultural work, folklore, the church, singing, and dancing. We must definitely also mention maritime affairs, catching fish and seals, and overall, talk about life in the middle of nature.

* Excursion with the visitor's car or a bicycle trip for 1 hour costs 30 euros;
* A 3-hour excursion with guide Mare's car costs 150 euros.



West Estonia

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Muuseumi, Linaküla, Kihnu vald, Pärnu maakond