West Estonia

Tuulingu kicksled hikes in Matsalu National Park

A kicksled hike in Matsalu National Park in winter!

We organise hikes in suitable weather conditions. The rules of the national park allow kicksledding in a unique area of the reserve until the end of February. From March, the bay belongs only to birds. If ice conditions allow, we will also go on a 6–8 km circle around the Haeska islets.

On the sea ice, you can ride on an ice carousel and get acquainted with ice fishing. Fishing is done with real coastal fishing traps. You can also buy fish. At the end of the trip in Tuulingi, we offer soup and talk about the past, present, and future of the place.

The price includes the hike and a meal.


West Estonia

Opening times

1. jan - 28. feb

An advanced bookings only


Tuuliku, Haeska küla, Haapsalu linn, Lääne maakond