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Estonian Tourist Board
Lasnamäe 2, 11412 Tallinn
Ph +372 6279 770 

Ms Liina Maria Lepik – Director 
Ms Kristin Kikas – Assistant
Ms Piret Malv – Communication coordinator (press releases and articles; newsletter and social media for professionals)
Ms Katrin Tammis – Financial Coordinator (financial and management budgets and reports)
Ms Kristel Kärner – Project Manager (information requests, events, tourism brochures)

Marketing for Travellers

Ms Heili Klandorf-Järvsoo – Head of Tourism Marketing
Ms Shardee Rebas – Project Manager of Campaigns (planning and coordinating tourism campaigns)
Ms Kadri Gröön – Head of Foreign Media (Estonia as a travel destination in the international media)
Ms Jana Kutšinskaja – Media Project Manager (press trips)
Ms Kristin Liisma – Media Project Manager (press trips)
Ms Tuuli Elstrok – Tourism Website Manager (content of
Ms Sandra Aleksius – Event Manager (Estonia's visibility in the international events)
Mr Bert Reila – Digital Marketing Analysist
Ms Dagmar Urb – Digital Marketing Specialist 
Mr Martti Volt – Multimedia Designer 
Mr Timo Raussi – Head of Communication of Finnish Market

Marketing for Business Sector

Ms Agnia Nast – Project Manager of Trade Marketing 
Ms Kristiina Talisainen – Project Manager of Trade Marketing
Ms Liisa Eller – Project Manager of Trade Marketing (incentive & conference tourism)
Ms Kristiina Kästik – Key Clients Relations Manager
Ms Piret Koodi - Client Relations Manager (companies, destinations)
Ms Inger-Stina Palmet – Trade Marketing Specialist (FAM-trips)
Ms Malle Kolnes – B2B Client Relations Manager in Finnish market

Ms Ilona Kbejan – Tourism Representative in Russia
5 Maly Kislovsky Per.
125009 Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 495 730 6261
GSM: +7 985 153 0699
Fax: + 7 495 202 3913

Ms Evely Baum-Helmis – Tourism Representative in Germany
Enterprise Estonia/Wirtschaftsförderung Estlands
Kleine Reichenstraße 6
20457 Hamburg
Tel: +49 40 3038 7982
GSM: +49 176 8427 9088
Fax: +4940 3038 7981

Tourism Strategic Development

Ms Maris Eenmaa – Head of Tourism Strategic Development
Ms Kristiina Jors – Destination Development Manager
Ms Jane Jakobson – Product Manager (designing and implementing tourism grants)
Ms Monika Karu – Development Manager (tourism products design cooperation with destinations and companies)
Ms Esta Rahno – Tourist Information System Development Manager (technical development of

Ms Elen Juurma – Tourist Information System Specialist (administration of
Ms Piret Kuhlbars – Head of Development of Tourism Business Solution
Ms Imbi Lepik-Martinson – Tourism Quality Coordinator (development of tourism quality system)
Ms Anneli Haabu – Training Projects Manager (Visit Estonia e-academy, tourism business models)
Ms Piret Kallas – Tourism Research Coordinator (tourism statistics)

On maternity leave

Ms Katre Pukk - Tourist Information System Development Manager (technical development of

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