How to travel like a poet: 5 most romantic things to experience in Estonia

Source: Marek Metslaid

How to travel like a poet: 5 most romantic things to experience in Estonia


You know what they say: the difference between an average and a romantic day lies in a touch of magic. With Valentine's Day and spring around the corner, it is time to start gathering inspiration for your next romantic trip to Estonia. Romance is a state of mind, so fill your travel list with a collection of magical spots and experiences.

  1. Listen to poetry inside forest megaphones. Sit inside a gigantic forest megaphone with your loved one and let your hearts be carried away by the original poetry of the world: the sound of nature.
  2. Ride a white horse to a regal picnic. Let a white horse carry you through wild nature to a picnic spot where the entire menu is prepared according to your heart's wishes.
  3. Sleep in an elegant, and possibly haunted, countryside manor. Travel back in time at Vihula Country Club and Spa, a 16th-century manor situated in beautiful Lahemaa National Park.
  4. Explore the coast with your beloved. Leave the fast-paced city life behind and find your personal piece of paradise on the coastline.
  5. Canoe into the twilight. Canoe down the River Emajõgi under the glow of torches to awaken all your senses.

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