TOP 10 family vacation experiences near Pärnu

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TOP 10 family vacation experiences near Pärnu

Pärnu is renowned for its charming beach, but there are also many exciting places here for families to visit. Do not hesitate and have a look at this TOP 10 and plan your next family trip to Pärnumaa.

Exotic terrarium in Mini Zoo

Come and visit the Mini Zoo terrarium located in the city centre of Pärnu to see a variety of exciting reptilians, for example, baby snakes, the size of a finger, as well as huge reticulated pythons and Indian pythons. There will be also several lizards, such as tokay geckos and green iguanas, looking at you in wonder. Take your family with you and come visit the enchanting world of Mini Zoo, since the boldest ones have the chance to see and touch the animals up-close.

Mini Zoo in Pärnu

Author: Kairi Tähe

Mary Magdalene Guild

The Mary Magdalene Guild that is located in the heart of Pärnu values handicraft. The guild organises various thematic workshops and courses, where both children and grown-ups can put their abilities to the test. Everyone can find the topic of their interest in the workshops: you can either make key chains or engage in textile printing to design T-shirts.

Children having fun in Mary Magdalene Guild

Author: Visit Pärnu

Water park Tervise Paradiis

Come and have fun with your family in one of the largest water parks in Estonia – Tervise Paradiis. The water park features a variety sized pools, water tubes with different speeds, hot tubs and a sauna centre for relaxation, and a refreshing outdoor pool. You can also try the 4-metre jump platform, allowing you to experience an adrenaline rush.

Pärnu Yacht Club Restaurant

Pärnu Yacht Club Restaurant is a dining place with a beautiful river-side view, which also gladly welcomes families. The yacht club has created a cosy play corner for children, where they can draw on chalkboard, paper and even read books. There is also a pirate ship called "Arabella" on the outdoor terrace, offering children a climbing experience.

Pärnu Yacht Club – a child-friendly restaurant

Author: Kairi Tähe

Pärnu coastal meadow hiking trail and observation towers and urban cows

A 600-metre-long coastal meadow hiking trail with an observation platform is located in the coastal nature reserve of Pärnu, standing right in the middle of the Pärnu beach. You can walk on the hiking trail, but it is also pram and wheelchair accessible directly above the floodplains, where you can explore the nature and enjoy the view of the bay. In the summertime, there are urban cows grazing the coastal meadows, and it is particularly fun to watch them nibble reed.

Valgeranna Adventure Park

Valgeranna Adventure Park has a beautiful sea view and is suitable for anyone who is looking for excitement and loves new challenges. The adventure park has 6 adventure trails, where you can climb high up in the trees and pass through obstacles. As a new feature, Valgeranna Adventure Park offers you a chance to jump from a platform and free-fall for 10 metres. You can also test your abilities on a 18 basket disc golf course, which is free to use for everyone up for a game. After all the adventures, you can also have a picnic on site, for example.

Valgeranna Adventure Park

Photo by: Valgeranna Adventure Park

Santa's Chimney Farm (Jõuluvana Korstna talu)

Located in Tõstamaa Parish, Santa's Chimney Farm is a fun place for families. Santa Claus lives there with mamma, dwarfs, horses, rabbits and other friends. Santa's Chimney Farm provides you with options to have an exciting birthday or participate in the celebration of folk calendar days: there is a playground with swings, climbing ladders and a slide there, you can grab a bite at a small café offering mamma's dishes, and engage in various crafting activities there. You can also engage in horse riding or take a small trip with a pony.

Alpaca Farm – the largest alpaca farm in Estonia!

The largest alpaca farm in Estonia is Alpaca Farm located in Are Parish. Alpacas are curious animals, who have big eyes and a big smile and marvellously soft fur. Alpaca Farm in Kännu homestead offers you a chance to pet alpacas and feed them treats. Besides alpacas, you can also see pygmy goats, miniature sheep and angora rabbits in the farm. P.S. In the summertime, Alpaca Farm expects visitors to arrive with Alpaca Express – the bus leaves from the parking lot behind Endla Theatre in Pärnu every Tuesday and Friday at 14.00. Tickets are available at Pärnu Visitor Centre.

Curious alpaca

Photo by: Getter Koobas, Visit Pärnu

Lotte Village – the largest family theme park in Estonia!

Located in Tahkuranna Parish, Lotte Village is the largest family theme park in Estonia. Lotte Village offers a variety of theme houses, such as Lotte's house of games, Oskar's crafting shed, Rabbit's house of tricks and illusions, and others. There you may meet the people of Gadgetville and craft and play with them. Lotte Village also has an adventure park, beach and various fun inventions. Lotte Village is also ideal to visit on a rainy day.

RMK Lake Rae hiking trail and camping site

If the trails and paths of Soomaa National Park are already known to you, then we recommend you to visit Lake Rae hiking trail as your next destination. When walking along Lake Rae hiking trail, you will see diverse nature and have the chance to swim and go fishing. There is also a campsite with everything you need – three fireplaces, firewood, a village swing, and more. What is interesting about passing the hiking trail is that in order to reach the 5-metre high observation tower, you need to cross a footbridge, walk the boardwalk and go over a suspension bridge. This is definitely a valued experience in pure nature!

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