Outdoor winter adventures

Source: Jaanus Järva, Visit Estonia

Outdoor winter adventures

Winter in Estonia is full of holidays, traditions, and sporting activities. Come embrace the great northern winter! Just as Estonians have done for centuries, visitors can experience skiing, skating, sledging and snowshoeing across sparkling winter scenery. Explore the diverse regions and untouched wildernesses through your favourite winter sport, or try an adventurous new activity!

For the Traditionalist

Who said there is anything dull about classic winter sports? Go ice skating on a rink in Tallinn's Old Town, or step just outside the city for a scenic horse-drawn carriage ride. In South Estonia, you can traverse kilometres of downhill and cross country skiing tracks in the landscapes around Otepää or skate on the frozen sea in the northern island town of Haapsalu!

For the adventurer

If you love a bit of speed, then explore the Kõrvemaa nature reserve in Northern Estonia by snowmobile. Or if you're an animal lover, swap the snowmobile for a husky sledge. Spend an afternoon exploring, or make it an overnight expedition. Downhill ski on the slopes of Estonia’s most famous mountain ski centre, Kuutsemäe, or on the former mining hills turned winter centre of Kohtla.

For the explorer

Do you like to seek new and unique experiences? Hike through bogs with snowshoes and spend the night in a tepee, or go ice-hole swimming after experiencing a sweat in a traditional Estonian smoke sauna for a tingling, energising feeling like no other. Try out a kick sledge for a different way of traveling winter landscapes and visit an uninhabited island on Estonia’s largest lake.

Last updated : 02.03.2022

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