302 - Emmaste-Suuremõisa bicycle route

Emmaste (0 km) – Orjaku (19.3 km) – Kassari (22.9 km) – Vaemla (29 km) – Suuremõisa (37 km)

There's no need to rush in Hiiumaa, one of the most loved cycling regions in Estonia. You can't put a price on the gorgeous nights spent on the beach or camping in one of the many RMK campsites in Hiiumaa. If your fascination with Hiiumaa runs deeper, you can look up a local travel guide who can show you places most people will never see.

This trail connects different parts of the main route nr 1 in Hiiumaa, so these two routes together form a circle around the entire island. Route 302 has a number of beautiful sights to see, most of which are located in Kassari. You will have the chance to visit Emmaste manor, Harju windmill, the Käina Bay Wild Bird State Reserve with its nature trails, the piers of Orjaku harbour, Vaemla Wool Factory with its historic gardens, Suuremõisa castle, take a walk amid the waves on Sääretirp and much more.

The entire trail follows along asphalt-covered roads and is suitable for everyone.

We recommend starting your journey from Emmaste, Suuremõisa, Kassari or Käina.


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