Source: Visit Estonia

Hiiumaa island

The second largest island in Estonia is well-know for its historical lighthouses, untouched nature and makes for a great rural getaway year round. During the coldest times of the winter, you can easily drive to the island across Europe’s longest ice road.

Equally loved by surfers, sailors, hikers and nature holiday-makers, Hiiumaa is great for those looking for peace and quiet. The local sights include the much admired Kõpu lighthouse, which is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world dating back to the 16th century.

In 2007, the European Commission launched the European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) competition. Hiiumaa is the 2015 winner in category “EDEN. Estonia’s hidden treasures. Food tourism destination”, also nominee in 2011 in category “EDEN. Estonia’s hidden treasures. Tourism and restored sites” with its lighthouses.

Besides that Hiiumaa is one of the 2020 Sustainable Top 100 destinations. The competition for international sustainable travel destination success stories is organised by Green Destinations to recognise places that put effort into making the experience of visitors more sustainable and value-based. The first of Hiiumaa’s two success stories is about the revival of the Hiiumaa subdialect. Under the leadership of some ambitious locals, a handbook of the Hiiumaa subdialect and other interesting publications written in the subdialect were published. In addition, a play written in the subdialect by Margus Tabori called ‘Momma’s Tales’ (‘Mamma lood’) was brought to the stage. The second story is about the restoration of the population of the endangered European mink on Hiiumaa island, which is a safe habitat for the animal. After its initial success, the project was also launched on Saaremaa island.

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