Birdwatching tower in the Räpina polder conservation area

Birdwatching tower in the Räpina polder conservation area

PUMBAJAAMA, Tooste küla, Räpina vald, Põlva maakond

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The tower on Räpina beach, completed in 2020, is located in the Räpina polder conservation area near Räpina harbour. The 18-metre-high tower consists of three platforms and three observation platforms. The highest extended part provides better visibility to the polder conservation area, shore area, Lake Lämmijärv, Salusaar Island, and Russia.
The birdwatching tower offers beautiful views in any weather and in any season. It is primarily intended for nature observation and bird watching. This allows people looking for nature experiences to see the species in the conservation area without disturbing the surroundings.

Times and prices


24 hours

Features and amenities

  • Food and drinks

Getting there

From the Räpina municipality building, drive along Võõpsu maantee for about 0.5 km in the direction of Värska. When you see the road sign for Räpina rand, turn left. After about 2 km, you will see another road sign telling you to turn left. After that, you have to drive to the end of the road – where the beach is.


  • Signposted
  • Sealed access road
  • By excursion bus
  • By car


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