Lake Prästvike hiking trail

Lake Prästvike hiking trail

KUREREHA, Hullo küla, Vormsi vald, Lääne maakond


Lake Prästvike, located in the central part of Vormsi Island, is a former sea lagoon, which has been taken over by reed to a large extent, but has retained its importance as a spawning and nursery area for fish in the coastal sea. The birdlife of the lake is abundant and diverse – on a quiet spring evening, you can hear the song of the bittern.
The largest spring among the numerous springs in the northern part of the lake is the Suurallikas Spring. The 1.7 km hiking trail leads to Lake Prästvike and the observation tower on the north shore. At the edge of the forest, there is the unique Raviallikas Spring. It is surrounded by calcareous spring meadows with different species of Orchidaceae.

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The hiking trail runs behind Vormsi cemetery towards Suuremõisa. Leave your car at the cemetery. At the beginning of the road, there is a sign for Suurallikas. The hiking trail can be completed with dry feet.


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  • On foot only


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