Estonian meadows – a tale of beauty and survival

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Estonian meadows – a tale of beauty and survival

 Whilst taking a stroll through one of Estonia's many meadows you may soon feel yourself connecting more deeply with your own roots. While this idea may seem strange to first-time visitors, this experience defines the close affinity Estonians have to their country's nature.

From firewood and logs for shelters, to edible and medicinal plants, the meadows of Estonia are more than just stereotypical grassy plains. They are a source of life – and a source of soul-sustaining beauty. The meadows of Estonia have traditionally been home to an abundant natural ecosystem, and so perfectly illustrate the importance of such lands for a population's survival. Even today, a large number of Estonians still regularly visit their country's meadow regions to forage for berries or commune with nature. Is it really any wonder then that Estonians still feel such a deep connections with these meadows, which have sustained them over thousands of years?

Meadows of survival

In the sparsely wooded natural stands of Estonia's Wooded Meadows one can easily imagine how both the trees and grounds have sustained the lives of Estonia's people and animals throughout its history. Here you will find numerous species of rare Northern orchids, medicinal plants, berries and mushrooms – which Estonians still knowledgeably pick to this day. You may possibly even spy animals doing some foraging of their own in the regularly-grazed herb layer of the meadows - one of the most unique types of plant groupings found in Estonia.

Meadows of water and wind

Of the diverse ecosystems of Estonia, none are perhaps as active as that of the Coastal Meadow regions. As the habitats of several threatened species, such as the Natterjack toad, the Dunlin and the Black-Tailed godwit, these important lands are whirlwinds of activity during the migration season of birds. For bird-lovers too, these areas are among the most accessible birdwatching habitats in the world. Those who wish to observe the majesty of Estonia's feathered creatures begin their watch here, or journey over to the nesting areas in Estonia's Flooded Meadows. These spots also offer the curious a chance to spy on the beautiful nests and chirping offspring of birds migrating from locations as far away as Africa, such as the Great snipe or the Corncrake, among many others.

Flock of migratory birds

Estonia is one of Europe's best birdwatching destination.

Photo by: Remo Savisaar

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Last updated : 16.10.2020

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