How to survive an Estonian winter

Photo: Mariann Liimal, Visit Estonia

How to survive an Estonian winter

Estonia lies at a northern latitude, comparable to parts of Sweden, Norway, Canada and Russia. This guarantees varied seasons, with winter temperatures ranging from zero to more than -20 degrees Celsius. In coastal areas, brisk winds make conditions feel even colder. By following the example of locals, visitors can learn how to stay warm and cosy during a winter visit. Firstly, don’t be caught without a thick pair of cotton socks, swap gloves for mittens, wear a scarf (or two), keep warm drinks on hand, pay regular visits to the sauna, and have a laugh with people you love. Then, check out our list of wintry activities!

Sauna session in a traditional Old Võromaa smoke sauna at Mooska

Võru maakond, Haanja küla

The Smoke sauna traditions of Old Võromaa have found a dignified place in the list of UNESCO intangible cultural heritages. At Mooska Farm, you can try this ancient Estonian heritage for yourself. A traditional sauna session lasts at least three (3) hours and the smoke sauna of Mooska Farm can comfortably accommodate eight people. The rich aroma of burning wood is complemented by a whispered note of the meat smoked in the sauna, birch boughs, and sauna honey. Located next to a pond; in winter, you can quickly dip yourself in its nearby icy waters. The sauna's heating cost includes two boughs, hand-made soaps, sauna honey and herbal tea. For an additional fee, you can also receive a juniper bough, towels, a sauna hat, a bathrobe and home-made beer.

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Värska Spa

Võru maakond, Väike-Rõsna küla

Värska Spa is unique in Estonia for its treatment arsenal. We offer revitalisation through natural means - freshwater therapeutic mud and Värska mineral water. The freshwater therapeutic mud has 10 times more organic substances than sea mud and contains a substantial amount of hydrogen sulphide.  In addition to the therapeutic mud and mineral water, clients can choose from electical, paraffin and salt treatments, various forms of massage, physiotherapy, therapeutic exercise and many more services to improve your health. The treatments are carried out under the watchful eye of professionals (doctors, nurses). Our professional, experienced and attentive personnel guarantee the safety of our clients. 

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Otepää Sauna Marathon

Throughout Estonia

03.02.2018 - 03.02.2018

This sauna marathon sees registered teams attempting to experience as many of the saunas in and around Otepää as possible over a period of 6 hours. The start is at midday, with teams being given orienteering maps. All of the members of a team must be in each sauna for at least 3 minutes, with bonus points for dips in ice holes and cold water pools and use of other attractions provided by the sauna owners. The team that visits all of the saunas in the shortest time wins, with awards presented to them with the sauna owners at Kääriku Sport Centre. Bring your friends and join in on the fun!

Kihnu Museum

Pärnu maakond, Linaküla

You must go to the exciting Kihnu Museum when you visit the island. It like an anchor in preserving and introducing the cultural space of Kihnu, which has been entered in the UNESCO heritage list. The museum was founded in the former schoolhouse of Sääreküla Village in 1974 and thoroughly renovated in 2009. You will find everything that concerns the everyday lives of people in the museum – tools, clothes, handicrafts, furniture. You will also find exhibitions that introduce famous Kihnu men, such as historian Theodor Saar, Captain Enn Uuetoa and silversmith Peeter Rooslaid, and the works of Kihnu nativists.

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Kick sledge trips across Lake Peipus to Piirissaar island

Põlva maakond, Parapalu küla

Come and discover the wintry Lake Peipus and Piirissar island on kick sledges! Kick sledge trips begin at Laaksaare harbour and continue across the frozen lake to Piirissaar; there, we are going to take in the sights and have a picnic. We are going to cover up to 18 km on kick sledges. During the trip, we use the best modern Kickspark Max sledges that are suitable for taller participants as well. The trip is suitable for groups of 10 and more! We organize kick sledge trips from January to March, the weather allowing. As an alternative to kick sledges, we can also offer skiing equipment. In cooperation with Peramaa Holiday Home, we can provide catering, accommodation, and the use of Finnish and smoke saunas.

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Last updated : 19.10.2018

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