Best winter picnic spots for the outdoorsy types

Source: Mariann Liimal, Visit Estonia

Best winter picnic spots for the outdoorsy types

If you thought that picnics were a summer thing then think again. Estonian winters are long and beautiful. Why not do something a bit different  such as combine the enjoyment of nature with culinary delights? 

Pack plenty of blankets and a basket of goodies to go. When you have found a beautiful and suitable place, make a warming fire and enjoy with all your senses. Here are some of our favourite spots for an afternoon winter picnic.

Riisa trail in Soomaa National Park

The study trail is an experience for the whole family, passing 8 rest stops and a watchtower. The path leading to the picnic spot is accessible with a stroller and a wheelchair.

Riisa trail in Soomaa National Park

Photo: Aivar Ruukel, Visit Estonia

Meiekose study trail

This walk takes you along the banks of the rivers Raudna and Tõramaa to a Stone Age Museum Village. On the way, there are various huts and rest areas to munch on those yummy sandwiches you brought along. 

Meiekose study trail

Photo: Pixabay, Visit Estonia

Koigi bog hiking trail

You can walk comfortably on a wooden path around Lake Pikkjärv. On the way, there is a 9-metre high observation tower with great views guaranteed. 

Koigi hiking trail

Photo: Marimetsa Matkarada, Visit Estonia

Väike Väerada

The little trail of force, as it would roughly translate to English, starts at the train station in Elva, and is lined with wooden sculptures crafted by local artists. It measures 3 kilometres in length and can also be accessed with a baby stroller. 

Väike Väerada is great for families with little kids.

Photo: Maigi Lokko, Visit Estonia

Nature study trail of Pääsküla bog

This nature trail leads mainly through the forest. Therefore it is unfortunately forbidden to light a fire here, but an on-the-go picnic is still in order. 

Pääsküla bog hiking trail

Photo: Mariann Liimal, Visit Estonia

Guided and self-guided tours with picnic breaks

If you'd like to leave the organising to professionals, then there are also great organised winter hikes that you can join. Even if you do decide to make your own itinerary, local guides can offer tips and suggestions for the best places to see. Just click on the picture below to find out more about each tour.

Last updated : 28.12.2020