Tartu's plant based eats

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Tartu's plant based eats

 Tartu is often referred to as "the pantry of Estonia", boasting an historical farmers' market and a number of food festivals year-round. The local culinary culture is a melting pot of the Baltic German, Russian Old Believers' and Russian culinary elements combined with the traditional Estonian cuisine.  International and modern trends intertwine with authentic recipes as well as with the fresh and pure local ingredients to create something for everyone, with plant-based dishes increasingly making their way to restaurant menus. Here's our selection of the best places to grab a vegan and vegetarian fare.

New Nordic Cuisine caters for seasonal tastes

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The cosy café-gallery Spargel is located in the Tartu Centre for Creative Industries, where art can be found both on the walls and on the plates. Based on seasonal and local ingredients, we offer an à la carte menu, which offers a selection of dishes from rabbit to herring and a range of vegan dishes.

Restaurant Aparaat is located at Tartu's creative hub offering an à la carte menu and also doubles as a bar, where concerts and parties are held.

Nearby you'll find Kolm Tilli, a restaurant inspired by street food. There is an open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant and separate areas for making pizza and bakery products.

Café Crepp is a local staple, focusing on French cuisine. Crepp is famous for their delicious pancakes.

Tartu is known for its riverside views

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Asian Chef is a romantic restaurant offering authentic Asian dishes. Its chefs create unforgettable dishes using the freshest ingredients. The extensive menu includes both traditional and more modern cuisine from India, China, and Thailand, with dishes made from chicken, lamb, beef, pork, and seafood.

Restaurant Hõlm has a first-class menu and high-quality service, and everyone feels welcome there. A special feature of the restaurant is its open kitchen, which creates harmony between the customers and the kitchen, and gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy extraordinary culinary art.

Green Room is a wine restaurant lounge right by the River Emajõgi, offering wonderful river and city views and a sunny terrace offers the opportunity to spend some lovely time alone or with your company. There is something for everyone on the menu – vegetarian, soups, salads, pasta, and more. In addition, they serve bruschetta and delicious snacks that go perfectly with the 16 variety of wines on the menu.

The restaurant and lobby bar Joyce appreciates fresh ingredients and the uniqueness of flavours in each dish that their chefs prepare.

Aparaaditehas is a popular hangout spot with multiple esteemed eateries

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Krempel is a café where people mingle and come together. The heart of Krempel is its kitchen with one large wall removed. This allows everyone to see what is going on there. It also helps the chefs see how you enjoy your meal. After all, we only have people working here who love cooking above all.

Restaurant Fii menu combines the best flavours of the Scandinavian cuisine and the top picks from other national cuisines. The menu centres around raw ingredients in order to offer you the joy of discovering familiar tastes and finding pleasant surprises.

Last updated : 21.09.2020