TOP things to see & do in South Estonia

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TOP things to see & do in South Estonia

Southern Estonia's rolling hills and valleys hide some pretty scenic gems. Below are just some of the many things to see and do in South Estonia.

Castles and manors

Elegant and historical architecture in all styles with dominant motifs featuring renaissance, baroque and art nouveau can be spotted in Estonian towns and countryside. While many castles and manors have crumbled in time, some have been beautifully restored and remain open to the public.


Nature treasures

Looking to feel one with the nature? Estonia’s majestic forests and ancient bogs are popular nature getaway destinations among the locals and international alike, suitable for beginners and skilled hiking enthusiasts.

Adventure parks

You are guaranteed a thrill with different challenges set up to let you climb and swing between heaven and earth.

Canoeing and boat trips

With so many scenic rivers and lakes located in the southern areas of Estonia, finding a boat tour or a rental is easy and gives you opportunity to explore many hidden areas difficult to access by foot.

Theme parks

Learn more about the past and present of national defence and aviation in Estonia. Check out military vehicles and a large collection of weapons and many other items. At the aviation museum, visitors will find an exhibition of high-quality models of almost 400 aircrafts that have played an important role in aviation history.

Last updated : 22.02.2022

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