Top pick of Estonian marinas worth sailing to

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Top pick of Estonian marinas worth sailing to

In recent years, Estonia has invested a lot in its marinas. There are brand new marinas popping up, run by enthusiastic entrepreneurs or local people wanting to enliven their village life and increase the attractiveness of the region. Estonian marinas are comfortable for visitors coming from either land or sea and offer a wide variety of services together with a warm welcome. You can now sail directly to one of the newest cultural hubs in the capital, the Noblessner Marina, where you end up being surrounded by restaurants and museums as soon as you step on land. If you are in the mood for something quieter, then Eisma Harbour welcomes you with a picnic and a grill terrace, and a chance to rent bicycles, SUP boards, barbecue equipment and berths. Here is a pick of marinas worth visiting while sailing on the Baltic Sea and choosing your cruising destination in Estonia.

Noblessner Marina

Harju maakond, Põhja-Tallinna linnaosa

Noblessner Marina in Tallinn is located between the Mine Harbour and the Seaplane Harbour. In November 2019, a new 70-metre breakwater was completed in the port. There are four floating docks with a total of 110 berths and 30 guest berths. Noblessner is a people-oriented port city with a special atmosphere. There are great cafés and restaurants, a cinema, Kai Art Centre, galleries, Põhjala brewery, and a large family centre PROTO Invention Factory. The Estonian Maritime Museum, the city centre, and the Old Town are within walking distance.Port register

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Seaplane Harbour Marina

Harju maakond, Põhja-Tallinna linnaosa

The activities of the guest port of the Seaplane Harbour are organised by the Estonian Maritime Museum. The port is located on the western side of Tallinn Bay at the coordinates 59° 27.2' N and 24° 44.1' E. The aquatic area is protected by breakwaters and is 182,000 m2 large. There are a total of 10 docks in the Seaplane Harbour, including 6 berths. Berths with booms welcome vessels up to 16 meters and berths without booms welcome vessels up to 50 meters. Being one of the most popular sights in Tallinn, you can drive to the marina directly and easily. There are restaurants (the nearest is Lennusadam Museum Café Maru, but there are also eateries of Noblessner and Kalamaja not that far away) and museums around (in addition to Lennusadam, Proto and Kai are also located in Noblessner). The services include: toilet, shower, sauna / electricity, WiFi, security cameras / bilge water and trash collection / winter storage. There are also museum ships at the marina, the oldest of which is the ice-breaker Suur Tõll. The museum has a shop and a cafe. State Port Register.

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Port of Kalev Yacht Club

Harju maakond, Pirita linnaosa

The Port of Kalev Yacht Club is maybe one of the most well-known marinas in Estonia, located in Pirita, only a 10-minute drive from the centre of the City of Tallinn. The club is active in race organising, promoting sailing and maritime activities. There’s a vibrant sailing scene together with a pub and restaurant where local sailors like to gather after the regattas. Yacht Club was founded in 1948 and today has more than 600 members. There are 20 mooring places in the guest pier, and the marina has a very good infrastructure where all the necessary port services are provided.

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Kärdla Marina

Hiiu maakond, Kärdla linn

Kärdla Marina is located in the capital of Hiiumaa and is the most modern port on the island. It can moor 80 vessels and host 15 caravans. There are two restaurants in the marina. The history of the marina is related to the Kärdla wool factory as the marina was built to facilitate the transport of the factory’s raw materials and finished products. Kärdla Marina dates back to 1849 but was destroyed during World War II in 1944. The warehouse and barn of the Kärdla wool factory have survived to this day.   We also rent a day office with a sea view if you would like to work here.

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Dirhami Marina

Lääne maakond, Dirhami küla / Derhamn

Port of Dirhami is a Baltic sea port in Northwestern Estonia that is open to visitors 24/7. During summer, Dirhami is an attractive port for yachts; during winter, it is a busy fishing and commercial port. The main dock is 330 m and the float dock is 50 m long. The port is suitable for yachts with a maximum length of 110 metres and a draft of up to 4.2 metres.  Radio call sign is ‘Port Dirhami’, VHF channels 10 and 16. Dirhami is a lovely holiday spot and relaxing during any season. In the immediate vicinity of the port, you are going to find a guesthouse with 8 double rooms and a 200 m2 party and conference hall. The fish café and Osmussaare tours are local attractions. State Port Register

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Pärnu Yacht Club

Pärnu maakond, Pärnu linn

Pärnu marina is one of the biggest marinas in Estonia; out of 140 places by its quays, 48 are for visiting yachts The marina is suitable for vessels with a length of up to 16 m and draught up to 3 metres. We have drinking water and power sockets in the quays, toilets, showers and a sauna, accommodation and a restaurant. You can also refuel and have minor repairs done on your yachts. The Yacht Club also organises many world-class regattas on Pärnu Bay. Several music events have become a tradition. In the yard, you will find a play boat for children and a sculpture of the most legendary Estonian sailor, Kihnu Jõnn. Communications go through VHF channel 12, call signal is "Pärnu Jahisadam". 58°23.16′ N 24°29.20′ E State Port Register

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Ringsu Port in Ruhnu

Saare maakond, Ruhnu küla

Ruhnu (Swedish: Runö) is an island in the Gulf of Riga in the Baltic Sea. It has currently fewer than 100 permanent Estonian inhabitants. Prior to 1944, it was for centuries populated by ethnic Swedes and traditional Swedish law was in use. Ruhnu port is definitely worth visiting – its building has toilets, showers and a sauna. The other services offered by the port include supplying vessels with electricity, water and waste collection on the quay. There are 20 quay places in total. On the 18th of August, the smallest culture festival in Estonia – Ruhnu Rahu will take place on the island.

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Roomassaare Marina

Saare maakond, Kuressaare linn

Roomassaare Port is located in the western most town in Estonia – Kuressaare, on the historical island of Saaremaa. The marina has 60 places for visiting vessels on floating quays, and also about 100 m of stone quays. The port was named the best small port in Estonia and has had the Blue Flag since 1998. The services offered at the port include supplying vessels with electricity, fuel and water. A café and a marine equipment shop are open in summer.

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Port of Koguva

Saare maakond, Koguva küla

Koguva, an ancient, small and peaceful rural fishing village on the island of Muhu is claimed to have the clearest water anywhere in the Baltic Sea. It is also the birthplace of the be-loved Estonian writer Juhan Smuul. The farm in which he was born has been converted into Muhu Museum, which is definitely worth visiting. There is a small café and a fishing museum located in the marina building. The services of the marina include telecommunications, fresh water, electricity, and a sauna. Koguva Marina is constantly being upgraded by the local people, and a warm welcome will be waiting for you.

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Haven Kakumäe Marina

Harju maakond, Haabersti linnaosa

Haven Kakumäe Marina is perfect for sailors who want to relax after a long sea journey and who want to get to know Tallinn. It is a modern seaside leisure centre for the whole family. The infrastructure necessary for servicing the yachts is one of the most perfect in the Gulf of Finland, as it ensures quality and offers a pleasant experience for the guests. Haven Kakumäe Marina is classified among five-star harbours. Entertaining activities are offered to all water sports enthusiasts. Tallinn city centre is easily accessible from here. Additionally, there are a large shopping centre, a zoo, and the Estonian Open Air Museum nearby. Your journey starts here: 59°27’07’’ N 24°36’19’’ E.  

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Võsu Port

Lääne-Viru maakond, Võsu alevik

Võsu Port is a small port on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, located in Lahemaa National Park, close to a beach cherished by locals and travellers alike. The port has electricity and drinking water, and guests can also use other port services (shower, sauna, washing machine). We also have a container gas station with a payment terminal, 24-hour security, and a Wöse Harbor Restaurant. Võsu Port is not a new port but a historical one that has been given a new life. The pier was used as a boat harbour as early as in the 1980s when a brick factory and a sawmill operated on a site near the estuary of River Võsu. You can reach the centre of Võsu (approx. 1 km) along a cycle and pedestrian track that runs along the beach. It is also worth checking out the port registry.

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Vergi harbour

Lääne-Viru maakond, Vergi küla

Vergi harbour is a port in Lääne-Viru County. There are 20 berths for visiting yachts, with electricity, drinking water and other harbour services available. Accommodation is also available in the main building, which is home to the Vergi harbour tavern. In summer, the harbour tavern is open and the guests have access to the following services: jacuzzi, sauna, toilet, shower and restroom, and a barbecue-picnic area. Did you know *The harbour can accommodate vessels of a maximum length of 35 metres and a maximum draught of 3 metres. *The harbour has its own passport checkpoint and food store. *Contact can be made on VHF channels 10 and 16 (‘Vergi 32’) State Port Register.

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Purtse Marina

Ida-Viru maakond, Liimala küla

Purtse Marina is located in the estuary on the western bank of River Purtse. The marina has enough room for 18 vessels with an overall length of 40 feet, as well as a boat slip. The navigation period lasts from 1 May until 1 October. GPS coordinates are 59°26'05.27''N/26°59'28.56''E. Next to the marina, there is the picturesque Liimala beach. A beach restaurant called Tulivee was also opened at the harbour during the summer of 2017. In the summer of 2019, the Tulivee Bootlegging Museum and Concert Centre opened its doors. Tulivee Villa offers accommodation for up to 50 people (9 rooms and 2 camping houses). Welcome! Port Register

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Narva harbour

Ida-Viru maakond, Narva

The yacht harbour in the city of Narva is 14 km upstream of the mouth of the Narva River. There are 20 berths for visiting yachts, with electricity, drinking water and other harbour services available. Did you know…? The harbour can accommodate vessels of a maximum length of 24 m and a maximum draught of 2 m. The harbour has its own café, sauna and workshop. The Narva River forms the border between Estonia and Russia: approaching the eastern bank may lead to complications.

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Abruka Harbour

Saare maakond, Abruka küla

The popular small harbour on the Island of Abruka, just off the coast of Kuressaare, welcomes all seafarers. The quay of the harbour was renovated in 2009 and is very modern and comfortable. During summertime, you can grab something to eat in the café in the harbour building. The tourist information desk at the harbour will help you to become acquainted with the island. State Port Register

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Orissaare Harbour

Saare maakond, Orissaare alevik

The fast-growing harbour is located only 700 metres from the town centre on the Illiku Islet in Orissaare, the north coast of Saaremaa. The harbour area and the islet are also home to a popular music festival I Land Sound ( The port and the Väike-Väin Strait are a great environment for sailing. The port is well protected from storm winds and waves. Interesting facts: It is a convenient stop for vessels whose length is 20 m and draught 2.3 m. There are quay spaces for 15 visiting vessels. All necessary services from electricity to washing facilities are offered to people coming from the sea. State Port Register

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Eisma harbour

Lääne-Viru maakond, Eisma küla

Eisma harbour is located on the picturesque northern coast of Estonia; it is a private harbour that offers services for fishermen, local ship owners and sea tourists. The harbour's quay has enough room for 27 visiting yachts; power outlets, potable water and other harbour services are available. State Port Register

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Toila harbour

Ida-Viru maakond, Toila alevik

Toila harbour is located on the Estonian Northern coast at the mouth of the Pühajõe River. The Eestern side of the territory of the harbour borders with a beach and is not separated from it. On the right bank of the Pühajõe, there is the Oru park landscape protection area of the harbour. The territory of the harbour is 35,000 m2. The water area of the harbour reaches from a pedestrian bridge at the river mouth of Pühajõe to the end of its Eastern pier; the size of this area is 9,500 m2. At the inner side of the pier on the left bank of the river, there are three quays with a total length of 180 m. Toila harbour and its territory belong to Toila Rural Municipality. The harbour is managed by Toila Sadam that is an authority administrated by Toila municipality (business registry code 75038188). State Port Register

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Värska Harbour

Võru maakond, Värska alevik

Värska harbour, built in 2020, offers docking for different types of vessels and is equipped with services and technical infrastructure. There is a parking lot, a patent ship, a floating dock, cafe and restrooms. The port is complemented by a 300 m promenade along the coastline of the Värska Bay. 

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Sõru Harbour

Hiiu maakond, Pärna küla

The principal activity of Sõru Harbour is servicing the ferry line between Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. It also services smaller trade vessels, passenger boats, and small boats. There are three quays in the harbour, two of which are meant for guests (upon prior notice). When you move along the Sõru Canal, you will reach the Sõru small boat port belonging to Hiiumaa municipality. State Port Register

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Port of Kalana

Hiiu maakond, Kalana küla

The Port of Kalana was built in the middle of the last century as a fishing port. The port is located on the Kõpu peninsula, 50 km from Kärdla. Ristna Marina is located in the same water area. Protection from winds and waves is poor, with strong winds from the south and west creating swell. The entrance is deep but narrow and only recommended during daytime, with good visibility, and moderate weather. Attachment is by board. Warning: the water at the end of the mole is shallow! There is no fairway marking, it is being designed. Coordinates: 58°55 ́10"N, 22°03 ́31"EPort register

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Roograhu Port

Hiiu maakond, Hiiessaare küla

Roograhu Port is a small port on the northern shore of Hiiumaa close to Kärdla in the immediate vicinity of the Kärdla airport (600 m). The Port of Roograhu has a contemporary, comfortable, and beautiful service building for its visitors and a boat shed for storing vessels over winters. The port is protected from all winds, it has enough places for 15 vessels and it provides all basic port services. The depth of the port basin is 2.3 m. The port building has a guesthouse and a restaurant. Boat rental, canoe rental, bicycle rental, and sailboat trips. The coordinates of the Port of Roograhu are 58°59.59″ N; 22°49.12″ E. State Port Register

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