TOP unforgettable places to stay

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TOP unforgettable places to stay

Why book an ordinary room when your lodging can be an experience itself? These hideaways are more than just a place to sleep. Stay in a bubble under the stars, a giant barrel on a river or in a traditional windmill. Get close to nature with the Rummu quarry, cliffs of Saaremaa and Lake Peipus in your backyard. Sleep outside during the mild summer months or cuddle up next to a fireplace in the winter. Enjoy amenities like saunas and homemade breakfasts. Unique accommodation doesn’t have to cost more than a hotel – tents suspended from the trees start at just 10€ per person. Treat the family to a stay you won’t forget!

Ohessaare windmill

Saare maakond, Ohessaare küla

We provide unique accommodation that is sure to recharge your batteries as you experience traditions and lifestyles of old that have been newly restored! A romantic symbol of Saaremaa, our windmill is on the Sõrve peninsula close to the Ohessaare cliffs. It is a place where the waves crash against the shoreline and the sun shines for 2200 hours a year. So why not come and spend a night in this unique place? You won't forget it in a hurry! We can provide you with a breakfast basket that will start your day off the right way, with baked goods straight from the oven, coffee and freshly squeezed juice.

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Primeval Hut Pähkli

Hiiu maakond, Sarve küla

If you are looking for something special, primeval and unique, this ancient sauna hut is the perfect place for you to spend a relaxed vacation in Hiiu County. The hut is made from large logs and has a thick sod roof. There is also a sauna. Primeval Hut Pähkli is suitable for families with children, as they can create their own fairy tale and go on adventures. We also have everything necessary for the parents to have a relaxing vacation. The hut has a kitchenette and a nice outdoor kitchen. There are three lovely alpacas in the courtyard.

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Accommodation in Sambliku Treehouse

Harju maakond, Koppelmaa küla

Have you ever seen the sunrise from the top of a tree? Come and experience something extraordinary. Go back to your childhood when you climbed trees, and make it a reality. Sambliku offers private accommodation for 2 people.  The treehouse's high ceilings, a cosy atmosphere, and different floors will surprise you at every turn. This is the best place to relax and enjoy nature.  

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Nina Houses

Tartu maakond, Nina küla

Nina Houses are located in a peaceful fishing village near Lake Peipus (Peipsi). We offer basic accommodation in straw bale houses only 30 metres from the lake for two to four people. Our houses are available for rent during summer and winter. Additionally, we go kayaking at Lake Peipus, watch migratory birds, go fishing, and experiment on how to make life in the countryside easier and more fun. Nina Village is the oldest fishing village near Lake Peipus – it emerged in the second half of the 17th century (Nos Derevnja). Data about the first fishing families dates back to as far as 1582. We started operating with the Nina Houses in September 2006.  

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Barrel camping pods on water in Paekalda Holiday Centre

Harju maakond, Rummu alevik

Paekalda Holiday Centre offers a unique opportunity to spend the night on the Rummu quarry lake in a barrel camping pod with glass walls. Each camping pod has three beds and there are a total of five camping pods, which means that we can accommodate up to 15 people at a time. We are located in a private location which is surrounded by forest and a lake. The glass walls of the barrel camping pod offer a wonderful view of the lake and the sunset.

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Ohukotsu Glamping

Rapla maakond, Ohukotsu küla

An exciting and comfortable camping experience in a slightly unusual environment, between native trees, near a horse herd.The glamping tent has a wide double bed, plenty of blankets, pillows, and warm sheets, two comfortable armchairs, cosy lighting, and a large outdoor terrace. You can make coffee and tea, use mobile internet, a bio-toilet, and a shower. There is also a hot tub and you can go on a horse-drawn carriage ride or horseback riding for an additional fee. Come and experience glamping!

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Saxby Observation Tower Holiday Houses

Lääne maakond, Saxby küla

The observation tower houses are located on the western coast of Vormsi, on the limestone shore which is under nature conservation. In constructing the houses, special focus was given to the surrounding environment so the houses offer a view of the sea as well as of the forest. The sun sets right in front of the windows of each holiday house! The sauna house accommodates up to four people and the holiday house up to five people. Both houses have a fully equipped kitchen and a wood-burning stove. Outside, there is a gas grill with chairs and a table. The houses only use solar energy and have been built by using environmentally friendly materials. The minimum rental period for the houses is two nights for 500 euros.

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Witch's Country- accommodation in a unique house

Võru maakond, Uhtjärve küla

The Witch's Country offers a wide variety of activities for everyone - for the families and small groups, to birthday celebrators as well as bigger and smaller companies. When you wish to visit and spend the night in the world's smallest and most special country, then set your steps towards the Witch's Country in the Uhtjärve primeval valley. You will be greeted by the witch's family, who will introduce you the premises of the Witch's Country and share various legends. We also offer accommodation - cozy rooms in the main houses and for those, who desire for a little extremity, we have to offer a night in a unique house that sits on chicken legs. 

Glamping at Allikukivi Wine Manor

Pärnu maakond, Allikukivi küla

Comfortable accommodation in a spacious tent that's equipped with everything you need for a cosy stay. One tent has beds for up to four people where you can fully stretch yourself between clean sheets. There is also a washing facility. An evening tour of the wine manor with tasting under the guidance of the family and a nice breakfast on the manor terrace is included in the experience. If you are interested in nature, you can explore the Allikukivi Caves, Nigula or Tolkuse bog, or the Soomaa trails. If you are interested in history, you can admire the Allikukivi, Voltveti, and Vana-Kõpu manors.

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A unique large raft house on the Vigala river

Rapla maakond, Kabala küla

Unique raft house on the Vigala river is the best place for a wonderful Christmas party, a busy training day, an exciting event for customers, a glittering birthday party, an unforgettable reunion or a fun sauna party! Here, you can organise an unorthodox winter or summer retreat for your company! The seminar and party room of the raft house has enough room for 40 people. Sauna window offers a view of the surrounding nature. You can jump straight into the river from the sauna platform. The terrace of the raft house has barbecue facilities. Kitchen has all the necessary equipment for preparing a nice meal; however, we can also provide catering service, if you wish. The raft house is available all-year-round!

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Holiday house Kenshó Unique Stay at Rae X Golf

Harju maakond, Suuresta küla

Kenshó Unique Stay is a perfect place for you to relax at the magical Rae X Golf. We offer an extraordinary accommodation opportunity inspired by Japanese Zen traditions and liberation in a functional cottage in the middle of Estonia's beautiful nature. The cottage has everything you need for a comfortable holiday, from the exceptional views of nature and the golf course to a comfortable bed and hot water. The cottage can accommodate up to three people. Couples as well as small families who want to enjoy golf and nature are always welcome. Relax and get away from the city to find yourself.

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ÖÖD Hötels Rooslepa

Lääne maakond, Rooslepa küla / Roslep

ÖÖD Hötels Rooslepa is located in the wild forest of Western Estonia, where people can escape in search of privacy, quiet beaches, and lush nature. Rooslepa is known for the most beautiful beaches in Estonia and its location offers unforgettable sunsets. Rooslepa is one of the most popular places for surfing in Estonia. In addition, the dense forest is full of beautiful hiking trails. You have a small kitchenette, a large bed, a cosy interior, a terrace, a barbecue, and free parking. Here, worries disappear, you can get away from city noise, and spend a memorable night alone or with your loved one.

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