Where to surf in Estonia

Source: Магнус Хейнярв, Visit Estonia

Where to surf in Estonia

Estonia’s long and winding coastline is not only for those serene nature walks full of deep introspection, but actually hosts a pretty wholesome surfing scene. That’s right - here’s our pick of the best surf spots in Estonia.

North coast

Due to its proximity to the capital city Tallinn, the north coast is probably the most popular among surfing enthusiasts in Estonia.

Hiiumaa - a local hotspot

You can literally surf anywhere and everywhere on the island of Hiiumaa. It is a smaller island, meaning that you can get around fast and change up your surfing beaches according to the weather conditions.

Surf clubs

There are a number of surfing clubs active across Estonia that offer lessons and equipment. Here you can try everything from kitesurfing to Sup.

Last updated : 31.05.2022