Why choose a member of the Estonian Camping Association?

Source: Estonian Camping Association

Why choose a member of the Estonian Camping Association?

The Estonian Camping Association brings together campsites in Estonia that meet the requirements recognised in Europe. Above all, the association wants to guarantee a high-quality service. The association monitors compliance with campsite standards.

Every member of the Estonian Camping Association must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • The campsite's territory, boundaries and access points are easy to understand.
  • The area can be closed to cars.
  • The territory is well maintained.
  • The evacuation plan and emergency numbers are in a visible place and accessible to visitors.
  • There is a place or places for collecting rubbish.
  • For visitors, there is a notice board with contact information, opening hours, services offered and a price list.
  • An administrator is present during campsite opening hours.
  • A first aid kit is available at the campsite and can be accessed by visitors if needed.
  • There are at least 10 spaces for caravans/motorhomes.
  • Each caravan/motorhome space (pitch) is at least 60 m2.
  • The minimum parking space between caravans/motorhomes is 3 metres.
  • There are at least 10 pitches for tents.
  • The minimum distance between tents is 2 metres.
  • Public and other buildings must be well-maintained and in good condition in accordance with general hygiene standards.
  • A 24-hour shower room and toilet are at the guests' disposal.
  • The toilet is equipped with toilet paper.
  • Caravans/motorhomes have the possibility to fill their water tanks with drinking water.
  • There are facilities for emptying wastewater and chemical toilets.

If a member of the Estonian Camping Association has more than one of the five quality stars, additional requirements apply. They are available in Estonian on the association's website.

Last updated : 31.05.2022