Winter Solstice

Source: Martti Volt, Visit Estonia

Winter Solstice

Winter solstice has arrived. Despite being of the coldest and darkest time of the year, Estonians are nevertheless joyous and draw strength from their inner light during this time. The days have started to get longer bit by bit and they can already feel the promise of a coming summer in their bones.

Instead of frequenting yoga classes, many Estonians have revived their grandmothers' old tradition of the twilight hour - a brief time for silence and contemplation before turning on the lights as the day turns to night.

This is a time when that period of contemplation and mindfulness continue to act as soil for thriving and ever-abundant creativity. You are warmly invited to experience it yourself by attending any of the intimate and diverse cultural events. This includes visiting chef-recognized local restaurants, exploring the forests and hiking trails, as well as by unwinding with the help of age-old sauna traditions. Replenish your inspiration with Kerli's video and welcome to Estonia!

Last updated : 02.12.2021

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