Discovering Rannarootsi on your own

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Coastal Swedes have lived on the coast and islands of Northwest Estonia for more than 1,000 years.

Start from Aibolands Museum in Haapsalu, which gives you an overview of the history, then go to Lyckholm Museum and St Catherine's Church in Pürksi. Then, head to Rooslepa and Nõva from Österby port.
Swedish village names and red houses are characteristic of the whole region.

If you have time, also visit Vormsi and Osmussaare, the first settlement area for coastal Swedes. Order a trip to Osmussaare here. Vormsi was inhabited by indigenous coastal Swedes until 1938. See the ferry schedule to Vormsi here.
However, the most convenient way to discover the island is by bike.

Sites along route
  • 1

    Starting point

    Museum of the Coastal Swedes

    Museums & Galleries

    Sadama tänav 32, Haapsalu linn, Haapsalu 90502

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  • 2
    Österby jetty and fire station

    Historical buildings

    Österby küla, Lääne-Nigula vald, Lääne maakond 91207

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  • 3
    Lyckholm Museum and Saare Manor

    Museums & Galleries

    Saare küla / Lyckholm, Lääne-Nigula vald, Lääne maakond 91205

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  • 4
    Noarootsi Church


    Hosby küla, Lääne-Nigula vald, Lääne maakond 91215

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  • 5
    Rooslepa Chapel and Cemetery


    Elbiku küla / Ölbäck, Lääne-Nigula vald, Lääne maakond 91202

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  • 6
    Port of Dirhami


    Dirhami küla / Derhamn, Lääne-Nigula vald, Lääne maakond 91214

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  • 7
    Birdwatching at cape Põõsaspea


    Spithami küla / Spithamn, Lääne-Nigula vald, Lääne maakond 91220

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  • 8
    Peraküla beach

    Water adventure

    Peraküla, Lääne-Nigula vald, Lääne maakond

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  • 9
    Nõva Church


    OLAVI, Nõva küla, Lääne-Nigula vald, Lääne maakond 91101

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