Safari the #EstonianWay

with adventure traveller

Rubén Díez

Safari the #EstonianWay

  • A Safari the #EstonianWay   Source: Rubén Díez

Source: Rubén Díez

Off the road with Rubén

Like many industrial structures, after ceasing to be used, Aidu oil shale quarry has been slowly reclaimed by nature. Its steep and rocky terrain has transformed into the perfect location for an off-road adventure. Rubén Díez takes the wheel in an adrenalin-filled safari the #EstonianWay – which, of course, ends with sauna! 

Places Visited Day 1

Restaurant Rataskaevu 16

Kreenholm area and Kreenholm Textile Factory

Sillamäe (town)

Saka manor

Places Visited Day 2

Rehearsal diving at Lake Rummu

Restaurant Leib