South Estonia

Roadtrip with a guide: pearls of Seto culture

The roadtrip of the pearls of Seto culture offers you the best selection of the preserved traditions of the Seto: leelo singing, which belongs to the UNESCO spiritual heritage list, the dressing, village chapels and religious customs, ancient beliefs and Christianity, food traditions, home culture, beliefs, and traditions.

You can get a part of the food culture with the help of high-quality local food and, if desired, a workshop. We will also explore the local nature and you will have the opportunity to buy Seto music, handicrafts, and gourmet products.


South Estonia

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Raekoja plats 1a, Tartu linn, Tartu linn, Tartu maakond
Velna tee 1, Värska alevik, Setomaa vald, Võru maakond
Seto muuseumitarõ, Obinitsa küla, Setomaa vald, Võru maakond